As members of MIT residential communities, all residents share collective responsibility for the care and stewardship of residential spaces and are expected to be forthcoming when issues arise related to damage of Institute property. Residents are responsible for reporting any observed damage or broken items in their rooms, suites, floors, or common areas in the Atlas work order system within one week of moving in or as soon as possible after the damage occurs or is discovered.

Individuals will be held financially responsible for any damages, vandalism, missing items, or unsatisfactory conditions that they cause in their room, suite, floor, or common areas (collectively, “damage(s)”). Whenever it cannot be determined that a particular individual caused the damage, repair, cleaning, restoration or replacement costs will be divided equally and billed to the resident(s) of the room, suite, floor, or common area, as applicable.

While normal wear and tear is expected to occur over time in the residence halls, from regular use and occupancy, the following table is intended to provide examples of the difference between normal wear and tear and damage (NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list):

Normal Wear & Tear

1A few chips, smudges, dents, scrapes, or cracks in the walls.Gaping holes in walls from intentional acts, accidents, or neglect; several nail holes that require patching and painting.
2Faded paintUnauthorized painting, including murals
3Carpeting faded or worn thinHoles, stains, or burns in carpeting; Food stains, urine stains, or water stains from fish tanks or leaving window open during rainstorm.
4Dirty or faded window shades or curtainsTorn, stained, or missing window shades or curtains
5Doors sticking from humidity or warped cabinet doors that won’t closeDoors, including closet or cabinet doors, stained, broken, or ripped off hinges
6Dirty windowsExcessively dirty or unsanitary rooms, suites, and/or common areas (including within any cabinets, closets or other storage areas) requiring special or additional cleaning
7Cracked window pane due to age or defect in windowWindows broken by actions of the residents or their guests
8Mechanical malfunctioning of refrigerator due to age.Broken refrigerator shelf or dented front panels