Each resident (with the exception of certain minors living in graduate housing) is provided with a room/apartment/suite key(s) upon move in to their MIT housing assignment, which they are responsible for returning when they move out at the end of the academic year/license agreement.

  • Keys will only be issued to the authorized residents of the assigned housing. MIT staff are not permitted to issue a key to a friend, family member, or designee, unless otherwise stated below. Residents are prohibited from giving their keys to anyone who is not an authorized occupant (as defined below).
  • Residents are prohibited from duplicating room, apartment, or house keys, or possessing a master key. Residents may be subject to severe disciplinary action for unauthorized use of keys. 

Additional Key and Card Access Policies for Graduate and Family Housing

Keys will only be issued to the MIT-licensed resident and authorized occupants of the licensed resident's specific room or unit.

  • Keys for authorized occupants:
    • At the request of the licensed resident, MIT will issue one key for the resident's unit, and one access card for the building to each authorized occupant age nine (9) or older.
    • Residents are responsible for ensuring that all authorized occupants of their unit are aware of and will abide by:
      • All MIT policies, particularly housing and building-specific policies
      • All safety and security procedures, including evacuation procedures in event of an emergency
  • Keys and access cards are intended solely for use by the licensed resident and their authorized occupants. Authorized occupants are also prohibited from giving their keys to anyone else.

An "authorized occupant" is defined as the spouse, domestic partner, dependent child, or legal dependent of a MIT-licensed resident. For the purposes of this policy, Heads of House are deemed to be MIT-licensed residents.

  • Authorized occupants:
    • Must be registered with Housing & Residential Services
    • May not live in on-campus housing without the MIT-licensed resident
    • May not exceed the maximum occupancy of the resident's room/unit
  • Lost or stolen access cards

    All lost or presumed stolen access cards should be reported to the House Operations Manager or Area Director immediately. Residents will be charged $25 for each replacement access card. All access cards issued to a resident (including a resident's authorized occupants) must be returned to the House Operations Manager (or as otherwise directed by Housing & Residential Services staff) upon checkout. Residents will be billed for any access cards that are not returned.

Lock-Out Keys

If a resident is locked out of their room, they should go to the front desk and sign out the lock-out key. Students are required to show a valid MIT ID. If a student does not have their ID, the front desk personnel will verify the resident's identity via their yellow card and by asking informational questions. Under no circumstance shall a room key be given to anyone but the resident of that specific room.

Residents are required to return their lock-out key within 30 minutes of signing out the key. If the key is not returned within 30 minutes, the resident may be fined no less than $30. The fee amount is dependent on how long the key remains signed out past the initial 30-minute period.

If no lock-out key is available, residents should notify their house operations manager or area director. If it is after hours, residents should call (617) 253-1500 and ask for Housing Unit 12.

Lost or Stolen Keys

All lost or presumed stolen keys should be reported to the house operations manager or area director immediately. At that time, all locks accessible by that key will be rekeyed immediately. The first time a resident needs a new key(s), they will be charged $30. After the first replacement, the resident may be charged a $150 lock replacement fee.

All keys issued at move-in must be returned to the house operations manager--or as directed--upon checkout or the resident will be charged a $150 lock replacement fee.

See also: Minors in Residence at MIT (non-MIT students)