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Welcome to Women and Gender Services (WXGS)

Women and Gender Services (WXGS) supports all undergraduate and graduate women through student and student club support, programs, workshop, education, and advocacy.  WXGS is one of the offices under SPXCE (pronounce "space" which stands for Social Justice Programming and Cross Cultural Engagement.  The Cheney Room is the physical space of WXGS which is in 3-310.  

Programs and Events

We're on pause for the summer for programs. 

Read about our full list of programs on our programs page: https://studentlife.mit.edu/content/wxgs-events-programs

You can also follow us on our brand new Instagram and Facebook.  In addition to sharing our programs, we spotlight women figures past and present, share educational resources and support, highlight women's conferences that students can attend, and much more.

  • Facebook: @wxgs.mit
  • Instagram: @wxgs_mit
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The Cheney Room is closed for entry as of July 15th for renovations through the summer into early fall. See below if you would like to read meeting notes from student focus groups. Check this page for updates about the progress of the renovation.

The Cheney Room will be going through a refresh and we're looking for your help.  WXGS is looking for women and women leaders who use the Cheney Room and are interested in participating in the Cheney Room refresh that will be taking place over the summer of 2022 into fall 2022. There are opportunities for students to share their thoughts and help make decisions for aspects of the refresh.
We will be doing several waves of outreach to collect interest from students across campus through May into the first week of June.  Afterwards we will reach out to everyone second week of June about next steps for a pool of 8-10 students.  
We are looking for a diverse pool of all students (undergrad, grad, and postdoc) to contribute to the decision making throughout the Cheney Room refresh and will reach out later in the month to those who expressed interest. Thank you in advance!

Meeting notes: Cheney Room Refresh Meeting Minutes
  • Student focus group meeting 1: 6/6/2022
  • Student focus group meeting 2: 7/28/2022


Learn More About WXGS

1.) What does WXGS stand for?

  • WXGS stands for Women and Gender Services.  The X is both used to represent "and" and to signify that it's a part of SPXCE.

2.) How do you pronounce WXGS?

  • Wags.  The X acts like an "a" exactly as the X in SPXCE stands for "a."

3.) Is the Cheney Room a part of WXGS?

  • Yes! The Cheney Room is the physical location and student space for WXGS.

4.) How can I access the Cheney Room?

  • Please fill out the Cheney Room Tap Access form. To help with the volume of applicants that get manually added to the door tap system, all applicants will be added in batches every Tuesday and every Friday of the week.  If a school holiday falls on those days the applicants will get added the next business day.  

5.) What does WXGS do?

  • WXGS provides support for students and student groups and allies to WXGS, manages student space reservations, education related to gender and gender identity, programs, meetings, programs, and program collaborations with offices/departments/and student groups.
6.) Who oversees WXGS and the Cheney Room?
  • Lauryn McNair (she/they) the Assistant Dean of LBGTQ+, Women and Gender Services.  If you're interested in learning more about WXGS please email them at: lmcnair@mit.edu.

7.) How do I reserve space in the Cheney Room?

Margaret Cheney Room Logo

The Margaret Cheney Room


The Margaret Cheney Room, MIT's women's community center, was founded in 1884 in recognition of the fact that women have traditionally been denied a safe space of their own, especially in the STEM fields. In light of its founding mission, the Cheney Room exists to promote community and empower all students at MIT who experience gender-based systems of oppression. This includes (but is not limited to) transgender women, cisgender women, women-coded and/or non-binary individuals who feel that the Margaret Cheney Room is a space for them.   Click the sidebar to learn more about the Margaret Cheney Room History and to use the Cheney Room Tap Access form.