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Women and Gender Services (WXGS)


Welcome to Women and Gender Services (WXGS) | 3-308

Women and Gender Services (WXGS) is under the department of student life. We support all women students as well as all non-binary students and their intersectional identities through student club support, programs, workshops, education, advocacy and providing resources so students can be their whole selves to thrive at MIT. This is also a space for allies as well. 

The Margaret Cheney Room is the women and non-binary student center that's open 24/7 via tap access.  There's a zoom room, a lactation/quiet room, a student conference room, lockers, piano, a lounge, a main space/activity room, a kitchen, the WXGS office and so much more. 2-3 times a month there will be intersectional programs and events. Take a look at our sidebar for programs/events page to see what WXGS is up to.

If you're interested in learning more about what we do, how we support our undergrad, grad, and postdoc students and more, then feel free to click our sidebar FAQ page. If you have any additional questions please reach out to us at: wxgs@mit.edu.


The Margaret Cheney Room


The Margaret Cheney Room, MIT's women's student community center, was founded in 1884 in recognition of the fact that women have traditionally been denied a safe space of their own, especially in the STEM fields. In light of its founding mission, the Cheney Room exists to promote community and empower all students at MIT who experience gender-based systems of oppression. This includes (but is not limited to) transgender women, cisgender women, non-binary individuals as well as marginalized gender identities.

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Resources in the center include a Zoom room, a quiet room/lactation room, student study space, smart TVs, and we have a library of books students can check-out to read. You can see our full catalogue of board games and books through our WXGS Library Catalogue



Programs and Events Highlight


We're done with programs for the summer but thanks so much for attending our pride events. See you in the fall!


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