Office of Student Citizenship

Office of
Student Conduct

Formerly the Office of Student Citizenship

Helping students develop standards and values

The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) is the department at MIT responsible for helping students develop and enforce their standards and values and manage conflict. There are a variety of ways this is accomplished:

  • OSC publishes the Mind and Hand Book and educates the campus community about the Institute's expectations related to student life.
  • OSC responds to reports alleging a student or student group has engaged in misconduct by activating MIT's student conduct process according to standards created by the Committee on Discipline.
  • OSC integrates with the Conflict Management @ MIT program, which provides mediation, restorative justice, facilitated dialogue, and other conflict management techniques and provides extensive training to the Institute community on related skills.
  • OSC provides critical incident interventions when appropriate and structured educational outcomes for students who have violated MIT policies.
  • OSC consults with students, faculty, and others about issues related to student life and student behavior.
  • OSC advises student judicial committees operated by residence halls, FSILGs, and student governance organizations.
  • OSC assists student groups develop, articulate, and enforce values and standards for their community.

OSC is the beginning point of all formal complaints against students, we serve as staff to the Committee on Discipline, and we are an impartial resource for all parties in a complaint. Our programs and services are designed to promote community standards of behavior and support the academic mission of the Institute by enhancing student’s academic achievement as well as personal and ethical development.

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