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Welcome to Intercultural Engagement (i.e.)


Intercultural Engagement (i.e.) provides support, advocacy and education to our diverse undergraduate and graduate student populations at MIT. We build community by providing a myriad of educational and social opportunities for students and 70+ cultural/identity based student organizations. We help cultivate a brave “SPXCE” (pronounced space) for students by providing a physical SPXCE (W31-110) that encourages learning  about personal identity while valuing and respecting others’. The physical SPXCE is a place for ongoing learning, growth and innovation; a place where healthy conversations about diversity, social justice and belonging are not only encouraged, but celebrated.


We empower students by giving them the tools, skills and knowledge to be champions of diversity and social justice on and off the MIT campus through programming and outreach.

Our Core Values. We support our community by:

  • Welcoming and connecting students to resources at MIT
  • Educating students as leaders in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging
  • Community building through programming and events where students and student organizations can make meaningful connections
  • Advocating on students’ behalf
  • Respecting and celebrating students uniqueness; appreciating all their intersecting identities
  • Engaging students in culturally rich dialogues while supporting them through the difficult conversations


SPXCE | W31-110

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Intercultural Engagement (i.e.) is committed to making your experience with us as accessible and welcoming as possible. If you need an accommodation or have any access/participation questions, please email us.