Hobby Shop

Hobby Shop

Learn By Doing

The MIT Hobby Shop is a fully-equipped wood and metal shop that teaches students the art of thoughtful design and craft.

The Hobby Shop has fostered MIT’s spirit of learning by doing for over 80 years by providing tools, training, and assistance to all MIT students, faculty, staff, and alums interested in turning their ideas into reality.


The Hobby Shop will be hosting an Open House preview during MIT's Commencement week at our new N51 residents.                                                   

Please join us between Wednesday, May 31st thru June 2nd - noon to 6:00.

We are working hard at getting the shop dialed in and fully operational by July. Stay tuned...!






Questions: Email Hayami: hayami@mit.edu 






Where are we?

W31-031. Our entrance door is near the corner of Massachusetts  Ave and Vassar St.. Come down the hall and dial the call box 3-4343.


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