Dining Options

Dining Options

  • Fall 2023 meal plans begin with breakfast at Maseeh on Saturday, September 2, 2023 and continue through dinner at all dining houses on Friday, December 22, 2023. 
  • Monday holidays convert to brunch and dinner schedules: Labor Day and Indigenous People’s Day
  • Thanksgiving week has a modified dining hall schedules. Please watch for information closer to November.
  • IAP meal plan information will be posted at the beginning of November. IAP plans are purchased in weekly blocks, from one to four weeks.


Where to use your meal plan swipes:

  • Maseeh Hall
  • McCormick Hall
  • Baker House
  • Next House
  • Simmons Hall
  • New Vassar
HouseBreakfastLunch DinnerLate Night Brunch
1. Maseeh Hall(M-F) 8a -11a, S-S 8a-930a(M-F) 11a - 3p(M-Sun) 5p - 9p(Sun-Thu) 10p - 1a(S & S) 10a - 1p
2. McCormick Hall(M-F) 8a - 10a (M-Sun) 5p - 8p (S & S) 10a - 1p
3. Baker House(M-F) 7a - 10a (M-Sun) 530p - 830p(S & S) 10a - 1p
4. Next House(M-F) 8a - 10a (M-Sun) 530p - 830p(S & S) 10a - 1p
5. Simmons Hall(M-F) 8a - 10a (M-Sun) 5p - 8p(Sun-Thu) 9p - 1a(S & S) 10a - 1p
6. New Vassar(M-F) 7a - 900a Pick Brkfst (M-Sun) 5p - 830p (M-Sun) 930a - 230p

*Please watch for holiday notices


Meal Plan Service Periods

Any 21 meal plan holders can use one swipe per meal period. For example, if you swipe for a meal at 9:45am (breakfast) Monday through Friday, you cannot swipe again until after 10:59:59am (lunch).

Chart of meal plan hours