Disability and Access Services

MIT is operating remotely due to COVID-19 and Disability and Access Services (DAS) is continuing to fully support students. For assistance, email das-all@mit.edu and we will respond promptly.


Digital and Access Services (DAS) enables an accessible campus experience at MIT by:

  • Ensuring access for qualified students with disabilities
  • Consulting on digital accessibility, assistive technology, and user experience


For information related to students with disability and access needs:
Disability and Access Services (DAS)
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
das-student [at] mit.edu

This office is located in Room 5-104, right off the main entrance of MIT at 77 Massachusetts Avenue.

For information related to assistive technology needs:
atic-staff [at] mit.edu
For information related to digital accessibility consulting needs:
accessibility [at] mit.edu

For information related to user experience consulting needs:
usability [at] mit.edu