The CARE Team supports students should they encounter significant personal, medical, and mental-health related challenges during their time at MIT. Members of the CARE Team help students navigate the many support resources of MIT so they can focus on their wellbeing and academics.

The CARE Team is a student-focused resource that empowers students to be in control of their own personal information, treatment plans, and future. Specifically, we support students through hospitalizations, including discharge and follow-up care.

We work with faculty, staff, community members, and students and their families across the institute to help students prioritize their wellbeing by practicing healthy habits and getting support when they need it.

If you're concerned about an MIT student or are concerned about a specific event, contact the CARE Team at 617-324-CARE (2273) or email If you wish to submit a CARE form electronically, click on the box labeled "Concerned About a Student?"


Concerned About a Student?


Meet Our Team

Kate McCarthy, Associate Dean and Senior Director, Student Support and Wellbeing

Kester, Barrow, Assistant Dean and Director

Jen Lawrence, Assistant Dean

Trish Moran, Assistant Dean

Sarah Limmer, Assistant Director

Joe Horan, Program Coordinator