Goals, Mission, & Organization

Goals, Mission, &

Missions: DSL and Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission is simple: We are here for students.

DSL Mission, Diversity & Inclusion Mission, and Goals

We come together for a common educational purpose: to help our diverse community of students thrive intellectually, physically, spiritually, and personally.

How We Fulfill Our Mission
We partner with students, faculty, and staff to develop enriching environments and experiences that promote students’ knowledge, wellbeing, independence, and accountability. As educators, we facilitate opportunities for learning more about ourselves and others, developing the capacity for human understanding, and solving problems in creative and innovative ways. We support students in discovering a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy. We call upon members of our community to serve locally, nationally, and globally. We foster a safe, accessible, and inclusive MIT campus and sense of belonging for all. We value shared-governance and collaboration, and lead with integrity, innovation, and a commitment to continuous improvement. (November 21, 2016).

Diversity and Inclusion
As a division that is here for our students, our mission is to attract, hire, and retain talented staff members who represent the diversity of the MIT student body. We strive to provide all DSL staff members with the skills, tools, and support to create and maintain a respectful and responsive environment for living, teaching, and learning. We achieve this by:

  • Creating a climate of inclusion that reflects our division's values and promotes an open exchange of ideas where each voice is heard
  • Advancing DSL's policies, practices, and programming for diversity, inclusion, and equity
  • Promoting DSL staff equality of access, opportunity, representation, and participation within the division and beyond
  • Enhancing the awareness, knowledge, and skill of MIT community members through our work across campus

Under the leadership of Vice Chancellor and Dean for Student Life Suzy M. Nelson, the Division of Student Life has developed a multi-year plan for achieving a series of goals that will enhance the MIT student experience. Priorities and goals are revisited and updated annually through a collaborative process involving DSL staff, division leadership, and MIT senior leadership.

DSL Senior Team

Suzy Nelson


Suzy Nelson
Vice Chancellor and Dean for Student Life
617-253-4052 | nelsonsm@mit.edu






David Randall


David Randall
Senior Associate Dean and Chief of Staff, Student Support & Wellbeing
617-253-4052 | drandall@mit.edu





Headshot of Helen Wang


Helen Wang
Senior Associate Dean, Residential & Community Life
412-335-6863 | helenyw@mit.edu



Anthony Grant


Anthony Grant
Athletic Director/Department Head, Department of Athletics, Physical Education & Recreation
617-253-4498 | gagrant@mit.edu





Headshot of Erin Farrell


Erin Farrell
Senior Associate Dean, Stud Engagement & Campus Activities
617-258-0801 | erindf@mit.edu


David Friedrich


David Friedrich
Senior Associate Dean for Housing & Residential Services
617-253-2811 | dfriedr@mit.edu





Mark Hayes


Mark Hayes
Director of MIT Dining
617-258-6773 | mdhayes@mit.edu





Peter Cummings


Peter Cummings
Executive Director for Administration & Operations
617-258-8430 | pdc@mit.edu