To give each residence a distinct identity and to promote variety and choice within the system, each dining hall has at least one unique station, ranging from sushi to Indian to specialty grills.
Over the past three weeks, MIT Campus Dining, in partnership with food service company Bon Appétit, rolled out the new, highly anticipated student dining plan featuring all-you-care-to-eat service, new facilities, and a greater range of options than the campus has seen in decades. 
MIT Produce Market open Tuesdays at East Campus
Completion of construction in Maseeh, Baker, Next, McCormick and Simmons set for August.
Some of the area's best meals on wheels park at MIT. The Boston Globe recently featured a guide to the best food trucks in Boston — and singled out two located on MIT's campus.
A 12-year experiment at MIT is producing dramatic results: researchers from across the Institute community can now say with confidence that free pancakes reduce undergraduate stress during final exams.
Bon Appétit Management Company, recently selected as the vendor to operate the new MIT House Dining program, has been lauded twice in the past month by one of the most recognized food writers in the United States.
MIT Campus Dining is working with Bon Appétit, the recently selected vendor for the expanded house dining program, to ensure that students enjoy meals that are both interesting and healthy.
This native Texan talks about the new smoker — and his focus on fresh and local foods for the new House Dining program.
Bon Appétit Management Company has been selected as the vendor of the Institute’s new House Dining program.