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  • Shooting for Top Gun
    “Each shot is the only shot. In this moment it is the only thing that exists.”
  • Former Raytheon CEO Swanson Advises MIT’s Rising Engineers
    Members of the “connected” classes of 1967 and 2017 hosted a visit at Kresge Auditorium from former Raytheon CEO and chairman Bill Swanson, who spoke on the value of being a whole person, his personal thoughts on leadership, and … cooking?
  • Salon Tango - Walk & Figures with Embellishments (intermediates) Tango Salon is a style of social dancing that is used in the larger salons of Buenos Aires. Characteristic…
  • Monday Night Football with 10 wings for $2 (Thirsty Ear Pub)
  • Study Vedic Literature with Yoga24x7 Come and join Yoga24x7 in our weekly study group sessions, were we explore and discuss works from Vedic…