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  • IAP Disney Fairies
    Around this time of year, one of the most interesting things one can do is scroll through the list of IAP courses and see what catches the eye.
  • Kappa Alpha Theta Continues Popular Service Initiative with CASA
    On November 14, Kappa Alpha Theta executed their fourteenth annual KATWalk, a fashion show that has been the sorority’s signature philanthropy event for the past five years.
  • Salon Tango - Walk & Figures with Embellishments Technique and Combinations Sleek, elegant, and measured walking that reflects the musical phrases. How…
  • Monday Night Football with 10 wings for $2 (Thirsty Ear Pub)
  • Bhagavad Gita crash course (2 dates) The spiritual journey usually starts with a doubt. Over the years, our friends and family, society and…