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  • Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity Pies the MIT Community for Innovation Africa
      On May 1, AEPi stationed themselves on the steps of the Student Center where students could donate money for the chance to pie professors, administrators, and other students in the name of charity.
  • FSILG Awards Celebrate FSILG Contributions at MIT
      On April 27, faculty, staff, and affiliated students gathered in Twenty Chimneys for the annual s reception to present the 2014-2015 Fraternity, Sorority, and Independent Living Group (FSILG) Awards.
  • Monday Night Football with 10 wings for $2 (Thirsty Ear Pub)
  • Kokikai Aikido Kokikai Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art. It emphasizes natural movement, relaxation, good posture…
  • Meditation and Qigong class by Falun Dafa Club Learn the meditative practice of Falun Dafa - every Monday evening. Followed by the reading of the Zhuan…