Fall 2020 Wellbeing Ambassadors meeting over Zoom


Wellbeing Ambassadors are students who are passionate about promoting a culture where they and their peers care for their mind and body, build and foster relationships, and pursue finding purpose. Working closely with administrators and other student organizations, Wellbeing Ambassadors are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to influence the culture of wellbeing in their local MIT communities (i.e. residence halls and FSILGs, student groups, athletic teams, and academic departments).

Wellbeing Ambassadors promote a culture of wellbeing by:

  • Serving as a reliable resource for their peers on topics related to wellbeing and support. In general, this includes being knowledgeable of general resources and policies related to support and wellbeing, helping to develop and spread messages that promote wellbeing, and being able to help peers when they have questions about support and wellbeing at MIT. This spring, Wellbeing Ambassadors who live on campus will be particularly knowledgeable of COVID policies and procedures related to testing, attestation, and house specific policies to be able to help other students have a safe and healthy semester.
  • Promoting community and a sense of belonging among their peers. Being connected to others and feeling a sense of belonging is one of the most important factors in students staying well. Wellbeing Ambassadors will create opportunities for other students to connect with others and promote a greater sense of community. During COVID, Wellbeing Ambassadors will work together to strategize and develop creative ways to bring others together while staying safe and following appropriate public health guidelines.
  • Providing supplies and resources for their peers to care for their overall wellbeing. Just as MedLinks are incredibly helpful resources when students need first aid supplies, Wellbeing Ambassadors have an inventory of supplies to help students care for their overall wellbeing. Would a face mask or ear plugs help you get a better night of sleep? Wellbeing Ambassadors can help you with that! Would some activities like coloring pages, a journal, or stress balls help you alleviate some stress? They can help you with that too! Wellbeing Ambassadors also have items such as face coverings and hand sanitizer to help students stay safe during COVID as well!

Wellbeing Ambassadors will be able to utilize their own creativity and knowledge of their communities to advance wellbeing in whatever ways that they see fit. The Office of Student Wellbeing can help provide students with resources to make their initiatives successful. Some examples of activities and initiatives that Wellbeing Ambassadors can coordinate include:

  • Host study breaks to support peers’ wellbeing
  • Create content for newsletters and websites (like the MHH blog!)
  • Create public health campaign messages for your residence hall (like these public health posters developed by Wellbeing Ambassadors in the fall of 2020!)
  • Hold weekly office hours to chat with peers about wellbeing
  • Work with other Wellbeing Ambassadors to host events to bring different communities together
  • Develop communications to help students access campus resources

Wellbeing Ambassadors meet as a team once a week during the semester. Beyond that, the time commitment is flexible and is based on the activities that each Wellbeing Ambassador coordinates and the support they provide to other students.

Do you want to know a little more about what “wellbeing” at MIT means? Check out this video that we put together for the Class of 2024!

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Spring 2021 Wellbeing Ambassadors

Shayna Ahteck (they/them)
Class of 2023
Shayna enjoys taking walks to care for their wellness.
Yunbeen Bae (she/her)
Class of 2024
Yunbeen enjoys watching TV and playing and cuddling with her dog to relax.
Alexandra Dima (she/her)
Class of 2021
Alexandra does diverse workouts and eats healthy, nutritious meals to take care of herself. When she wants to relax and unwind, she likes taking and editing pictures.
Erick Eguia (he/him)
Class of 2022
Erick enjoys drawing scenes from songs and then animating them in illustrator.
Emily Kiley (she/her)
Class of 2022
Emily enjoys exercising, listening to music, and calling family and friends to care for her wellness. She unwinds by baking, painting, doing other fun crafts, and watching movies.
Rory Knight (they/them)
Class of 2024
Rory enjoys going on long walks, swimming, playing guitar, talking with friends, and relaxing to care for their wellness.
Sophia Leon Guerrero (she/her)
Class of 2023
To take care of herself, Sophia bullet journals to keep track of her goals and habits and is working towards knitting a sweater!
Josh Liu (he/him)
Class of 2022
Josh enjoys hiking and working out to care for his wellness.
Andrew Motz (he/him)
Class of 2023
Andrew enjoys running, swimming, watching SNL and trying new sports to care for his wellness.
Joana Nikolova (she/her)
Class of 2023
Joana likes to relax by looking at pictures and videos of her 16 month old nephew.
Shreya Pandit (she/her)
Class of 2022
Shreya enjoys walks with friends, listening to podcasts, working out, and journaling to care for her wellness.
Isabella Salinas (she/her)
Class of 2023
Isabella enjoys watching Netflix shows, dancing, exploring boston, getting bubble tea, napping, and painting to be mindful of her wellness.
Duha Syar (she/her)
Class of 2023
Duha enjoys going for walks and embroidering to care for her wellness.
Olivia Valle (she/her)
Class of 2022
Olivia reads every night to take care of herself and unwinds by drinking coffee in the sun with her friends.
Ally Vernich (she/her)
Class of 2023
Ally loves walking around Boston and listening to music to care for her wellness.
Chelsea Zhang (she/her)
Class of 2022
Chelsea engages with wellness through long walks, watching the sunrise/ sunset, going on pickness, exploring book stores and swimming.