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Do you have an inventive idea for a unique project, but lack the resources to make it a reality? Mad Money Grants are a new source of funding for ASA-approved clubs and groups. Funded by donors as part of the Senior Gift Campaign’s Alumni Gift Challenge, this program could provide your group with a one-time grant to fully fund a special project or travel.

  What kind of project? You tell us! Mad Money grants range from $2,000 to $10,000.    The only requirements are:
  • Your organization is a recognized club or group at MIT
  • You have a great idea for your organization, but lack the funds to make it a reality
  • You need funds to complete a specific project or for a one-time, non-recurring expense, such as capital purchases, travel, or events and activities
The Student Activities Office (SAO) will review applications. You will be notified via email.   If you're selected: 
  • If your application is awarded a grant, representatives of your organization must attend an information session.
  • You must complete your project by May 30 of the school year the grant was awarded.
  • After your project is complete, you must submit a project summary to SAO with quality photos and/or video.
  • Grant recipients will be recognized at the Student Leader Awards in May.

Questions? Contact the Student Activities Office at

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