Hardship Request to Return to Graduate Housing

About This Form

Hardship requests will be considered by a team across the Division of Student Life and granted on a limited case-by-case basis according to the criteria listed below:

  • Students who do not have reasonable alternative housing options, including those who do not have a home to go to, or for whom going home would be unsafe given the circumstances of their home life.
  • International students who cannot travel to their home country, or who have visa issues that would impact their return to campus. We are, however, strongly encouraging any international student who can stay with family or friends in the United States to consider pursuing this alternative housing option during the crisis.
  • Students who are “designated personnel,” who have been given a specific exemption by the dean of their school to work on critical research.
  • Graduate student residents of FSILGs or undergraduate housing who departed campus during the COVID-19 move-out.

This list of exemptions is not exhaustive nor a guarantee of permission to return.  Students who receive an exemption and live in a residential setting with shared floor kitchens or bathrooms, or a location where overall density remains elevated, may be required to live in temporary alternative on-campus housing coordinated by MIT. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Returns to graduate housing are contingent upon scheduling a COVID-19 test with MIT Medical that must be administered within 24 hours after arriving to campus.  At this time, weekend testing is not available. Requests to return to graduate housing cannot be granted on Fridays and Saturdays.  

COVID-19 testing is available at MIT Medical from Monday through Friday during the hours listed below (times may be impacted during holidays). No appointment necessary. Please visit the testing area through the outdoor courtyard along Ames Street.  

  • 8:00 am – 9:30 am
  • 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm 
Please provide additional information regarding the unique circumstances that require your return to on-campus graduate housing.
You are requesting to return back to your 2019-2020 housing assignment. At this time, students who have moved out of on-campus graduate housing should plan to remain away from MIT housing until at least the end of May 2020. Please note that requests to return to current graduate housing assignment cannot be completed after the license agreement period (July 31, 2020) unless you are eligible and have renewed your license agreement for 2020-2021.