Group Waiting List Application for Single Graduate Students with Roommates

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About this Application

This application is for single graduate students who would like to join the waiting list with a pre-selected roommate or group of roommates. Groups may include up to 4 people. Please note, the only building available for groups via the waiting list is Tang Hall.

IMPORTANT: Only one member of the group should completed this application. All members of the group may also enter the waiting list as single students, but they will be offered whichever room type becomes available first, and may be offered a single space instead of one as a group.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY TO THE WAITING LIST IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HOUSING FOR THE SUMMER/FALL. Students eligible for fall semester housing should apply to the fall housing self-selection process between March 27 - April 28, 2019 at Post docs and visitors interested in summer/fall housing should apply to the fall housing waiting list beginning June 1. Self-selection for the waiting list will occur on a rolling basis after June 1.

Roommate 1
Please enter the information for the second person/roommate in your group. Please do not include yourself.
Roommate 2
Please enter the information for the third person/roommate in your group, if applicable.
Roommate 3
Please enter the information for the fourth person/roommate in your group if applicable.
Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing is a policy that provides MIT students with the option to live in bedrooms, apartments, or suites with whomever they choose, regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity.

Your participation in gender inclusive housing will be dependent upon the apartment/room type you are assigned. If you are assigned, you will have the ability to change your response to this question. Your response to this question will not impact you chances of getting an assignment, as assignments will be based on your building/apartment type preferences. MIT discourages students of any sexual orientation who are in a relationship from living together in a residential room, although we do not, and will not, question the student's motives for wanting to live together.

Read Before You Submit

Once you have accepted an assignment from the waiting list, you will be expected to occupy the room regardless of whether you have signed your license agreement. Should you decide to cancel your assignment after an offer has been accepted, you must notify Housing & Residential Services by email at There will be a $250 cancellation fee if you cancel the assignment after you have accepted it.

If you cancel less than 30 days before your move-in date you will be responsible for rent from your move-in date until the end of 30 days, or until someone else moves into your assignment, whichever comes first.  

You may remove yourself from the waiting list at any time by emailing

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