Graduate Housing Waiting List for Undergraduate Students

About This Form

This form should be completed by undergraduate students interested in graduate housing only. 

Graduate housing eligibility will be determined by the following criteria:

•    Students have achieved graduate student status (i.e., MEng);
•    Seniors who have a strong interest in pursuing graduate studies at MIT;
•    Undergraduates who are married or who have children; or
•    Students who are at least 21 years of age. 
Undergraduates will be assigned to units distributed within graduate houses and will be supported by a team including graduate resident advisors, the heads of house, and staff across the Division of Student Life.  Among the many benefits of living in graduate housing include: 

•    Furnished apartment-style housing 
•    No meal plan requirement (students will have the option to enroll)
•    Monthly graduate housing rate, according to unit type, which includes all utilities and residence services 

Please make sure to only rank the buildings and room types you are interested in. HRS will offer you an assignment once a vacancy is available. You will have three days to accept or decline the offer.  If you decline the offer, your application will be removed from the pool and you will need to re-apply if you later decide housing is needed. 

Occupancy occurs on the same schedule as the undergraduate calendar. The earliest move-in dates will typically begin at the end of August and continue into the fall as housing is assigned. Your occupancy will end on the date specified in your license agreement unless you terminate your housing earlier.
Enter Your Preference by Room Type
Please rank the housing in your order of preference. Reminder: The options are restricted to residence halls that offer undergraduate housing options.
Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender inclusive housing is a policy that provides MIT students with the option to live in bedrooms, apartments, or suites with whomever they choose, regardless of biological sex, gender, or gender identity.


Your participation in gender inclusive housing will be dependent upon the apartment/room type you are assigned. If you are assigned, you will have the ability to change your response to this question. Your response to this question will not impact your chances of getting an assignment, as assignments will be based on your building/apartment type preferences.

Read Before You Submit
If you have any questions about this form or the graduate housing waiting list for undergraduate students, please email Please note that this list is separate from the undergraduate housing waiting list. You can remove yourself from the graduate housing for undergraduates waiting list at any time by emailing us at