Graduate Housing Referral Form (Referee)

Referral Reminders & Requirements

To be eligible for the $250 referral credit, this form must be completed by 2021-2022 graduate residents who have been referred to on-campus housing by a 2021–2022 MIT graduate housing license agreement holder.  Please remember that all program requirements outlined on the referral program website must also be met. 

Submission Deadline

Referral form submissions will be accepted from March 31 through April 25, 2021.

Your Information

If no, please complete the appropriate form for a referrer.

Referrer's Information

Rental Credit Gifting (optional) 

You have the option of gifting all or half of your rental credit to another 2021-2022 resident of MIT graduate housing.  The credit will be applied to their rent obligation once all referral program requirements have been fulfilled.  If you would like to gift your credit, please complete the fields below.   

As a reminder, the gift recipient must be a 2021-2022 resident of MIT graduate housing.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I have read and understand the referral program requirements, and that any earned rental credits will be applied to my 2021-2022 housing license agreement.