What is Empowerment?

Contrary to what rape culture might suggest, sexual violence is not rooted in sexual desire, lust, or uncontrollable biological urges.

Sexual violence is about power and control.

When someone experiences sexual violence, they are denied the ability to exert control over their own body, the power to enforce their own boundaries, and the basic necessity of maintaining a sense of safety and well-being.

Empowerment means helping the survivor reestablish their sense of control and agency.

Empowerment in advocacy can look like: 

  • helping the survivor to recognize their own strengths and capabilities
  • helping the survivor find the information necessary to make their own, informed decisions
  • encouraging the survivor to take actions they feel comfortable with, on whatever timeline they think is best 

VPR as a service works from a place of empowerment in order to give control and choice back to the survivor.