Order TechCASH Gift Cards

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***See below for Important Notice of Future Rate Change***

We will contact you to confirm this order as soon as possible. Please allow for 2-5 business days for your order to be prepared.  All orders under $100 in total TechCASH value will be charged a $2.50 administrative fee. 

TechCASH gift cards are valid at any physical point of sale that accepts TechCASH, but NOT for online TechCASH transactions such as for laundry or adMIT One tickets.  If you would like your TechCASH gift to be usable for online transactions, consider submitting Student or Employee Rewards instead.

We also offer custom card printing if you wish to have a certain logo or graphic printed on the card, for an additional fee.

**TechCASH value cards are valid for one year from date of issue or one year from date of last use.  Balances are refundable at anytime to the original funding source.  Please see TechCASH Terms and Conditions for more information.**

***Effective July 1, 2022***
Beginning with orders received on July 1, 2022, a fee of $1.50 per gift card will be charged.  When providing funds to members of the MIT community, it is highly recommended to add value directly to existing MIT ID cards (and mobile ID's) via the Rewards and Recognition form.  There is no fee for adding funds directly to MIT ID's.

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