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ARM Coalition

Life as a student can be expensive.
Every student deserves equal access to opportunities and experiences at MIT.
Learn what resources MIT offers to make life as a student more affordable.

Financial hardships manifest in many different ways, and we urge students to check out the resources below without worrying that your need is too small, or that the needs of others may be greater. Our goal is to support all undergraduate and graduate students facing financial challenges through their MIT journey.

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Undergraduate Students

If you are a student who needs help covering unforeseen, essential expenses such as winter clothing or an emergency trip home, please complete the Emergency Support Fund Request Form.

Emergency Support Fund Request Form

If you are a student and are not able to access enough food to sustain an active, healthy lifestyle, the food resources at MIT may be able to help.

Food Resources

Graduate Students

Graduate Residential Life (GRL) supports graduate students and their families who live in single graduate housing or in family housing. GRL helps students adjust to living on campus, addresses personal and interpersonal issues related to residential life, provides emergency family food grants, and partners with students to enhance their overall graduate student experience.

Graduate Resources

Supporting Students


Coordination, Assistance, Response, and Education

The CARE Team (Coordination, Assistance, Response, and Education) is a team of staff who support all students through challenges they may experience during their time at MIT. While MIT has many resources to support students, the CARE Team recognizes it can often be overwhelming for students to navigate all of the support available to them.

A primary function of the CARE Team is to support students during hospitalizations and discharge, and with follow up care. The CARE Team is a student-focused resource that empowers students to be in control of their own personal information, treatment plans, and future. With student consent, the CARE Team will also work with families of students to support them in supporting their loved ones.

If you are concerned about an MIT student or are concerned about a specific event, contact the CARE Team at 617-324-CARE (2273) or email: If you wish to submit a CARE form electronically, click on the box labeled "Concerned About a Student."

Concerned About a Student?

MIT Faculty Guide

Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress

This MIT Faculty Guide was created by the Division of Student Life’s Department of Student Support and Wellbeing to help make it easier for you to help our students connect to resources.

MIT Faculty Guide

Downloadable PDF Version

General Resources

Student Support in the MIT Mobile App

The Student Support button on the MIT Mobile app has a directory of frequently accessed resources, help with common issues, and ways to share and report concerns. Other highlights for students include S3 online appointment requests and SwipeShare request forms. Download the MIT Mobile app in the App Store or Google Play today. If you already have the MIT Mobile app, just open it up and look for the little heart in the bottom right hand corner of your app.

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