SPXCE Advisory Board Flyer

SPXCE (Social Justice Programming and Cross Cultural Engagement)  is seeking undergraduate and graduate student representatives from cultural, LBGTQ+, and identity-based groups. Open to MIT graduate and undergraduate students!

The Advisory Board is a way for student leaders from various clubs and orgs to come together to learn from one another, collaborate on programming, voice student interest around needs/topics/concerns to SPXCE, and create a stronger network of student groups.

Please click here to let SPXCE know about your interest in learning more and/or being part of the advisory board.  There will be a first meeting in the last week of September.  All registrants will get a follow-up email once the deadline closes with a When2Meet to establish the exact date and time that works for everyone.

*Alma Jam (she/her) and Jeremy Torres (he/they) are the only ones who will see the form responses.

Deadline to RSVP: Sep 30, 2022
Questions? Email ejtorres@mit.edu and almajam@mit.edu

Can't join the board now, but want to voice your thoughts? Share your ideas, feedback and suggestions for implementing change by clicking here!

About the Board

The SPXCE Advisory Board is comprised of undergraduate and graduate student representatives from cultural, LBGTQ+, women, and identity-based organizations and groups.  These students are passionate about leadership, supporting student communities, and student-based organizations through creative programming, DEI problem-solving initiatives and collaborations.


  • Belonging
  • Community Building
  • Education
  • Visibility

The Purpose of the Board

Connect directly with SPXCE to inform the team about student needs and ways of engagement to better support students

Connect with other student leaders to build community and promote each other’s groups as well as share information about SPXCE initiatives and programs to the general student body

What we do

“Board members will meet once per month for two semesters to discuss the interests and needs of the current student body. Their roles will be:

  • Align programming and resources
  • Facilitate student needs, connection, and development
  • Provide a platform for a select number of students to represent the student body
  • Provide feedback and suggestions
  • Serve as a liaison between SPXCE and student organizations

Benefits: What you'll receive as a board member

  • Influence future programming and resources while improving student communication and connection
  • Share feedback and suggestions for implementing change
  • Expand on leadership and professional communication skills 
  • Receive "early bird" access to student centered trainings and workshops by SPXCE
  • Enhanced resume experience

Responsibilities: What you'll do as a board member

  • Attend bi-monthly meetings
  • Identify unmet student needs and strategize methods for achievement
  • Facilitate and promote an exchange of information between the SPXCE offices, student organizations, the student body, and other MIT constituents
  • Advertise the use of the SPXCE offices, resources, and services among the student body
  • Collaborate effectively with other board members

Time Commitment:

  • One hour Board Member Meetings once a month:
    • Board members collaboratively discuss issues, ideas and potential solutions.
  • One hour Report-Out Meetings one a month:
    • Board members meet with SPXCE staff to share feedback.
    • Facilitate Board member ideas into action.