Before hiring a student worker within your student group, please make sure the student worker completes their I-9 paperwork (via the Atlas Center, E19) before their hire date. Student leader fills out Student Payroll Form before hire date. A member of the Student Organization, Leadership and Engagement office will enter the student worker's information in the payroll system. 

Approval Process

Timesheets are to be approved before 5pm on Mondays (12pm on Tuesdays after an observed holiday). Please email to approve timesheets. If you are with a larger group and have your own timegroup number, you will need to request access to view/approve timesheets by emailing for access.

Rate of Pay

The minimum wage is $12/hr. If you are hiring above that wage, you can hire students up to $25/hr. Any higher, it will require additional approval from the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement office.