Funding Opportunities

Arthur C. Smith Fund
The Arthur C. Smith Fund supports MIT student-initiated ideas that create a sense of community within MIT, achieving a positive impact on people within or beyond the MIT community. Grants up to $2,000 awarded each year.

Club Sports Council
For student groups that have an instructional or competitive nature, used for league fees, coaches, tournaments, etc.

COOP Public Service Grants
Funds are made available to support Harvard and MIT students involved in public/community service programs/projects and new initiatives in the Cambridge and Boston area.

Council for the Arts
Program provides funding for arts-related events.

CPW Event Funding
Funding opportunities for CPW Events.

De Florez Fund for Humor
Each year, the de Florez Fund supports projects that pass the hilarity test. Are you funny enough to meet the challenge?

The Everett Moore Baker Memorial Foundation
Student groups are encouraged to apply for a grant from the E.M. Baker Foundation for projects, events, or other initiatives that improve the undergraduate experience at MIT.

FSILG Retreat and Conference Fund
Thanks to generous alumni contributions and funding specifically earmarked for student leadership development opportunities for FSILG students, the FSILG Office is able to support these retreat and conference efforts via limited financial resources.

Funded Public Service Fellowships and Internships
The Fellowships and Interships programs support MIT students working on capacity-building service projects around the world.

GSC Funding Board
ASA allocations are available to any recognized student organization. If your group has a majority of graduate students, contact GSC for funding.  

Graduate Student Life Grants
The grants, offered by ODGE, provide a unique opportunity to enhance graduate student life at the Institute with experiences outside the classroom and lab by providing funding for events, activities, and other opportunities to build community.

Innovation Initiative Student Group Collaboration Grant
A place for student groups to explore MIT’s rich landscape for innovation and entrepreneurship.

ASA support for large events held at MIT, which are open and advertized for all audiences that are social, not academic, in nature. Events should be for over 150 people with a budget in excess of $2,500.
The mission of ARCADE is to fund events that promote interactions and foster good relationships between the different cultural, ethnic, and otherwise diversified branches of the MIT community.

Legatum Center  
The Legatum Center provides seed grants to fund research, pilot tests, and development of promising for-profit projects in low-income countries. Application opens in the fall for the IAP award and in the spring for the summer award. Please see website for more information.

Mad Money Grants
Funded by Alumni Challengers for the Senior Gift Campaign, the Alumni Association and Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement office collaborate to provide students with grants for large, unique projects. Contact SOLE for further information or apply online.

The Mad Money Grants: CPW is a source of funding for Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) events made available through the Senior Gift Challenge. This is a one-time grant between $2,000 and $5,000 to be used to fully fund a CPW event.

Medium Event Funding (MEF)
The UA and GSC support medium events through the MEF funding process.

MindHandHeart Innovation Fund
The MindHandHeart Innovation Fund—co-sponsored by the Undergraduate Association (UA) Committee on Student Support and Wellness and the Graduate Student Council (GSC)—seeks to leverage the enthusiasm and problem-solving skills of the MIT community to find new and inventive ways of increasing awareness about mental health, building communities of support, and promoting life and wellness skills.

Office of Multicultural Programs
The Office of Multicultural Programs (OMP) provides funding for cultural events, programs and retreats.

Public Service Funding
Does your group want to pursue a solution to a real-world problem? Visit the Public Service Center website for more information on public service grants.  

An effort to support residential-sponsored programs for the culture houses that will educate and inform the MIT community, and “promote a campus community that strengthens respect and enriches understanding of the diverse background and cultures of our members.”

Supplemental Funding Request Application
If you have an event idea and you can't fundraise enough to cover your costs, submit an application for SOLE Supplemental Funding.

Undergraduate Association (UA)
ASA Allocations are available to any recognized student organizations. If your group has a majority of undergraduates, contact Finboard for funding.

UA/ASA Fresh Fund
The UA/ASA Fresh Fund was created in 2007 at the request of then-Dean for Student Life Larry Benedict and supports "fresh" groups and initiatives. Email with a budget breakdown of what your group wants to request funding for, and a defense for each line item.

UA Council Discretionary
Funds MIT Undergraduate initiatives that haven't been funded (or funded sufficiently) from other sources. Generally difficult to obtain, other sources should be investigated first.

The Weekends@MIT Fund is available for substance-free living group-sponsored weekend events (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) with wide campus appeal hosted at an on-campus location outside of the living group's facility.