Finance Resources for Student Organizations

We are the financial support system for the MIT DSL student groups.

Through our customer service approach, we are able to educate the student community on the financial process, money management, and fiscal responsibility. We provide student groups with the necessary coaching and instruction using tools such as our newsletter, website, training, and outreach programs. In addition, our operational hours, email, and phone service give the students the effective support system needed to succeed in their goals and idea. 

*Please send all electronic RFPs to Mary Mango*

Philosophy regarding use of funds:

Student organizations recognized by MIT are given the autonomy and responsibility to spend their funds as the organization sees fit (providing they do not break Institute policy, or State or Federal law). As such, all expense paperwork will be processed as soon as all internal controls are satisfied. The Treasurer and Financial Signatories of any student organization have a responsibility to the group to manage the accounts ethically and to use the funds in line with the organization's mission. All fund and organization records/receipts are held within a secured area in the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagment office and are available for review upon request.  

Definition of Institute Funds:

It should be noted that all student organization funds are considered Institute funds, designated for use by particular student organizations. This includes those funds allocated for use by student governments/departments on an annual basis, funds that have been raised by the respective student organizations as a result of individual fundraising efforts, fees that may have been charged for membership, revenue received from running organized events and through any other means. These funds are subject to the internal and external audit requirements of the Institute and cannot be deposited in non-MIT accounts. As such, all funds are guaranteed by MIT.

Assessment Guarantee:

The SOLE's mission is to serve students and student organizations and is, as such, always open to feedback and suggestions for improvement. 

Other Office Details:

We are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Occasionally, due to Institute or Division events, there may be limited staffing available to assist you.

Student Policy Details:

Plesae take time to familiarize yourself with the Student Organization Handbook