COVID19 & Student Organization Guidelines

In addition to the general institute COVID-19 policies outlined at MIT Now, SOLE has implemented additional guidelines that apply to events and activities planned and executed by student groups and organizations. Due to the complexity and fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic, these guidelines and protocols may change regularly. We recommend that student leaders read communications from SOLE carefully and that they continue to check this website regularly for updates. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to schedule a time with us to speak.

For the most up-to-date collection of general MIT guidelines and policies, we recommend you go directly to MIT Now.

Fall 2021 In-Person Events

  • Student organization events and activities are allowed and welcome starting Fall 2021.

  • Events must also follow pre-Covid event requirements, including any registration requirements. 

  • All in-person ASA student organization meetings and events, regardless of their size, need to be registered ahead of time using Engage@MIT.

  • Events held in specific spaces may be subject to additional rules or requirements specific to that space.

  • Face coverings are required for all attendees of indoor events.

  • Events may be held on campus. Events organized by external groups are also permitted if, in keeping with MIT Policies and Procedures, they are sponsored by recognized student groups or faculty and staff with departmental approval.

  • Event attendees who are not in Covid Pass may access MIT’s campus by being escorted by a Covid Pass holder or by checking in at the event venue. Please see MIT’s visitor policy for more details.

  • Student organizations are required to collect contact information for all event attendees, including name and cell phone number or email address. Organizations are responsible for obtaining contact information, and this information must be retained for at least 14 days after the event - this will be used for contact tracing purposes only. More information on this process will be provided shortly. 

  • If food and drink are served at an event, the event space capacity should be reduced while event attendees actively eat and drink. When dining, hosts and attendees should limit group size, maintain extra distance between individuals, and limit the time spent eating. 

  • Student organizations off-campus events should follow the local rules of the event venue and must collect and maintain contact information for attendees as described above. All pre-COVID guidelines for student organizations off campus activities and events apply. 

K-12/Minors Programs

  • SOLE is pausing all in-person programs, events, and activities sponsored by ASA student organizations that involve K-12 students, regardless of their age. 

  • All programs that include K-12 students in September must be virtual—they may not operate in-person, either on- or off-campus, during the pause. 

  • Proposed programming after September will be reviewed and held in the queue, but it may need to be rescheduled, virtualized, or cancelled if changing pandemic conditions require the pause to be extended.

  • This pause will be re-evaluated at the end of September, and SOLE will communicate any updates regarding this pause by emailing student organization leaders. 

Student Organization Office/Storage Guidelines

  • Student organizations offices and storage spaces will be reopened beginning August 23rd, 2021 

  • If access to storage is needed prior to August 23rd, please contact SOLE to arrange access. Only students with COVID-Pass access to campus may access student organization spaces.

Financial Processes

  • Wire Transfers - As a majority of MIT offices will be working remotely and physical access to W20 will be restricted, SOLE recommends that student organizations receive funds through the traditional wire process. Guidance on this process may be found here.

  • Checks - Checks mailed to the office or other departments may not be processed promptly and could result in funds being held up or canceled. SOLE strongly recommends funds be received via wire transfer. Checks should not be sent to the SOLE office. Please schedule a meeting with SOLE staff to discuss any additional logistics.

Additional Processes

  • Packages - We request that packages should not be sent to the SOLE office. Student organizations ordering materials should schedule a time with SOLE during regular office hours to discuss potential solutions.

Events and activities must follow Institute rules and protocols related to face coverings, visitors, distancing/space capacity, and more. See the latest policies; additional guidance for event planners will be available soon.

Last Updated: August 8th, 2021