Tim Tickets

For events


Tim Tickets, MIT’s visitor pass system, allows event organizers to invite event attendees to an MIT-sponsored event and issue them a digital pass referred to as a “ticket”.

Use of the Tim Tickets system is optional for all indoor and outdoor events, including indoor and outdoor K-12 programs.

Any MIT current MIT employee can issue a Tim Ticket to an invited visitor who does not have an MIT ID and Kerberos account, using the Tim Tickets feature in the MIT Atlas mobile application (available for iOS 13+ and Android 7+) or via the Tim Tickets visitor administration website.

In order to be issued a Tim Ticket, event attendees and visitors who are not in Covid Pass must:

  • Provide their contact information (name, phone number/email address).
  • Accept MIT guidelines for campus access and agree to adhere to MIT rules/protocols.
  • Submit a daily health attestation.
  • Attest that their Covid-19 vaccines are up to date (including boosters) or that they have a religious belief or medical condition that prevents them from receiving the vaccine.

Event attendees and authorized visitors will be given a QR code that grants access to MIT buildings and/or events.


Last Updated: March 18, 2022