Retreat Development

Retreats can provide a great avenue to team building, goal-setting, and motivating group membership to become engaged in your organization's initiatives throughout the semester. When time and intentionality accompany the planning of a retreat, the result is group cohesiveness and a clear, collective vision for the upcoming year. If you have plans for a retreat in the works, or if you are interested in the prospect of hosting a retreat for your organization, please contact the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office.

Our staff are trained in formulating retreat schedules, determining goals and agendas, using icebreakers and teambuilders, creating meaningful conversations, and anything else that goes into planning for and implementing a great retreat.

Contact us by email to set up a consultation with one of our staff members.

The Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office also provides some supplemental funding for ASA recognized organizations and their retreats. If you're interested, you can fill out the

. Make sure to talk about how this retreat adds value to your student group and why it is necessary to development of your team.