Living in Possibility by Leadershape is an immersive, 4-part virtual experience taking place February 16, February 23, March 1, and March 9. Enhance your personal development to contribute meaningfully to your community.

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Living in Possibility by LeaderShape

Living in Possibility is a 4-part synchronous, virtual program with intermittent asynchronous content for participants. This program will be an immersive virtual experience that brings LeaderShape's best thinking in student development theory into practice. This program will be delivered in a manner that enhances personal development and contribution to the community.

Two LeaderShape facilitators guide the participants through two hours of engaging curriculum for each of the four synchronous sessions. Students learn alongside their peers from your campus through large group discussion, personal examples from the facilitators, small group learning and activities, and personal reflection. Participants are provided a manual for each of the sessions to enhance their learning.

After the first session, students are granted access to a Living in Possibility community in the LeaderShape app. This community is only for the participants of the session at your campus. This asynchronous learning provides additional challenges to build on each synchronous, virtual session for the participants.


Session 1: What is Possibility (February 16)
During this session, participants will define what "possibility" means to them and think about how their story of leadership has been impacted by those who have come before them. We will also explore what happens when people accomplish something that was deemed impossible, and how they took action to challenge the status quo and change reality.

Session 2: Community & Possibility (February 23)
During this session, partcipants will build on the Living in Possibility statements from session one through the exploration of their values and how we define "community". Within the context of communities, we'll talk about the significance of reciprocity and the importance of conversations.

Session 3: What Gets in the Way of Possibility (March 1)
Possibility thinking can often seem overwhelming and putting the concept of possibility thinking into practice can lead us to be faced with many barriers. During this session, we'll discuss the barriers and strategies to move through the barriers with resiliency and strength.

Session 4: Leading & Living from a Place of Possibility (March 9)
This session will explore the value of communities and how to focus on the important individual, collective, and interdependent elements of community that are essential in leadership. We'll provide opportunity for participants to address the specific needs of their community as they relate to possibility thinking.


Register today at https://cglink.me/2cy/s118