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Have a non-urgent maintenance request?  We're here to help.  Please visit the Atlas website to submit a request and we'll get right on it!     

In addition to the housing information posted on this page, please view additional campus updates and COVID-19 information by visiting the MIT NOW website.

MIT wants to ensure that no student is struggling with food security, and we have established several resources that can help you easily access food.


Welcome to the Graduate Tower at Site 4!  We hope you enjoy your time here.  The Resident Guide is intended as a quick reference to help you get settled in to the Site 4 community.  We hope that you will find this information helpful and we welcome your questions, comments and concerns, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at  If you are currently living on campus and preparing for the transition to Site 4, the following guidance may be helpful to you.   

Please note that some of the information included in this guide may be superseded by MIT policies regarding COVID-19. Please consult the COVID-19 student policy webpage or check with the team at Housing & Residential Services (HRS) for additional information.


Katharina Ribbeck, Head of House
Carla Bengston, House Operations Manager

Site 4 Advisory Board


People to Know

House Operations Manager:                                           

Carla Bengtson
Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM                                                                                                        

Carla Bengtson is the House Operations Manager for Site 4 . She manages the cleaning staff and coordinates the maintenance of the building, oversees the front desk operations, and assists with community concerns, especially those related to the operation of the building. 

Head of House:

Katharina Ribbeck 

Houses are led by live-in faculty who offer academic and personal support to residents. Katharina, the Head of House for the Graduate Tower at Site 4, collaborates with the House Operations Manager and the Site 4 Advisory Board to support and advocate for the Site 4 community. 

Site 4 Advisory Board: 


The Site 4 Advisory Board is a group of residents from Site 4 who volunteer to coordinate social events and hold community meetings for Site 4.


Emergency Contacts, Fire Safety & Accidental Lockout Information

Emergency Phone Numbers

Residents with medical and/or police emergencies should contact Campus Police at x100 from an MIT phone or (617) 253-1212 from a cell phone or other outside line.  If you dial 9-1-1 while on campus from an outside phone, the call will be redirected to MIT Police causing a small delay. 

If the emergency is off campus, dial 9-1-1.


Use the listed emergency phone numbers for emergency transportation to the hospital.  MIT Residents are most often taken to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Cambridge City Hospital (CCH), or Mt. Auburn Hospital.  All three are a short distance from campus.

Non-emergency concerns can also be handled by the medical center on campus, MIT Medical.  MIT Medical provides 24-hour service and can be reached at (617) 253-1311 for after-hours/urgent care.  For general information, please call (617) 253-4481.  MIT Medical also has a pharmacy.  

Fire Safety

The Site 4 high-rise is equipped with a fire alarm system that will alert the building of a fire by floor.  The alarm system will offer a set of instructions after which an alarm may sound on your floor.  When your floor evacuation signal sounds, please exit using the closest stairwell.  The floor evacuation signal is an audible alarm following the announcement.  Residents that remain in the building after activation of their floor signal are subject to penalty in accordance with the evacuation policy (see Fire & Safety policy).  Residents are, of course, always welcome and encouraged to evacuate the building regardless of the instructions provided by the system.  Do not use the elevator in the event of a fire alarm anywhere in the building.

It is important that you keep all smoke detectors free from obstacles.  There is a heavy fine for covering or blocking smoke detectors in any way.  Please remember that hallways and stairwells must remain clear at all times. Bicycles, strollers, and baby carriages are not to be kept in the hallway area.


Residents locked out of their apartments during office hours can get a Lockout Key (must be returned within one hour) at the front desk of the residence.  After-hours and on weekends, please contact the HRS Evening Operations (aka “Unit-12”) at (617) 253-1500 or (617) 253-4948. Please let them know of any urgent details (such as a baby locked in the apartment, food cooking, etc).

Pets, Smoking & Policy for Hanging Items on Walls


Pets are not permitted in Site 4. Residents who require an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) must first obtain approval from the Student Disability and Access Services Office to keep an animal on campus.


Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building. Smoking is also not allowed within 25 feet of the building as smoke is channeled indoors through the ventilation system. Violators may lose housing.

Hanging Items in Your Apartment

Residents may hang pictures and posters on the drywall walls within their apartment using hanging adhesive tape/hooks for walls-- no drilling is allowed.  Residents should not use adhesives on the concrete walls to hang items.  Televisions are not allowed to be mounted on the walls as there are no studs in the walls needed to install the brackets.

Maintenance, Temperature & Lighting Controls


All non-urgent maintenance problems need to be reported through the online Atlas website. MIT certificates or credential are required to access the form.  This online form can also be used if you would like to request having the vents in your kitchen or bathroom cleaned.

Residents who encounter an urgent maintenance issue should contact the House Operations Manager.  If the House Operations Manager is not in the office, contact HRS Operations (“Unit-12”) at 617-253-1500. On evenings, weekends, and holidays, also use 617-253-1500. 

When possible, please submit requests for maintenance during regular business hours (Monday to Friday 9AM-5PM). It costs the Institute much more to provide these services after hours.

Temperature Control

The Graduate Tower at Site 4 possesses a unique climate control system that includes temperature controls within each apartment unit.  

Automatic sensors will allow continuous heating/cooling for 8 hours.  If no motion is detected in the apartment after 8 hours, the system will enter a ‘standby’ mode and reduce heating/cooling as part of the building’s energy conservation measures.  

The temperature ranges are as follows: Heating 68-74 °F/Cooling 72-78 °F. When you create a setpoint in the thermostat with your preferred temperature, the system will monitor the temperature in your room and will never let it go higher or lower than 5° above your set-point.


Most spaces throughout the building have a wall-mounted thermostat. The thermostats have touch screens that allow the user to select:

  • Operations Mode: Heat, Cool, Auto, Off
  • Heating/Cooling setpoints

Outside of apartment spaces, the thermostats are also equipped with an occupancy override button. If the occupancy override button is pressed during unoccupied hours (outside of the scheduled occupancy hours of 8am-5pm Monday-Friday), the space will run at the occupied temperature setpoint for 4 hours before returning to its unoccupied setpoints. The theater operates on a separate system from the rest of the building, and has two thermostats. The occupancy override can be performed from either thermostat in the theater.

CO2 is monitored by the wall mounted CO2 sensor of spaces capable of handling large occupancies. If CO2 rises to unacceptable levels, the BMS flows more temperature controlled outside air into the space to keep CO2 down to acceptable levels.

Temperature Control Unit - Site 4

Lighting Control System - Site 4

Mail, Television, Internet & Laundry

Mail/Newspaper Delivery

  • United States Postal Service Mail:  Mail in the building is delivered to the box with the corresponding apartment number on the first floor of the building.  Mail and boxes that are too large for the mailbox will be delivered to the Front Desk.
  • Newspapers: Newspapers can be delivered to a cabinet located on the first floor of the building. 
  • Packages: Packages delivered by mail carriers (i.e. USPS, UPS, FedEx) are kepy behind the front desk in the lobby of the residence.  Please visit the front desk attendant and provide your name and MIT ID to retrieve your package.  Residents will receive an email from front desk staff once a packaged has been recieved for a resident.

ID Cards

MIT picture ID cards are used for access to Site 4 and most MIT facilities.  Students and spouses should carry their MIT ID at all times when outside of their apartment. 

For security reasons, please do not prop open the lobby doors or allow anyone without a valid MIT ID into the building.  Learn more about how to acquire an MIT ID on the Atlas Service Center website

Phone Information

For more information regarding phone service for students at MIT, please visit the IS&T website.

Laundry Room

The laundry room is on the third floor of the building. Download the Washlava app on a mobile device in order to use the laundry machines.

Please remove your laundry in a timely manner after it has finished the cycle. All residents share the laundry room and not removing your laundry from a machine stops other residents from the use of the machines. Any laundry left unattended for more than 48 hours will be removed.  Learn more about Washlava on their website

Network Connection

Information regarding MIT Networks and policies can be found on the IS&T website. The IS&T Service Desk can be contacted by email at or via telephone at (617) 253-1101.

Cable TV

Students residing on campus may continue to use the Xfinity on Campus service to access content provided by Comcast. This service, accessible through computers, laptops, and tablets, has been available to residents via MITnet since January 2016.

Residents who have a Roku streaming media player now also have the option of watching XFINITY on Campus content directly on their television sets by downloading XFINITY Stream, a free channel app for Roku devices.

For more information on using a Roku device to watch Xfinity on Campus content on MITnet, see the following articles in the Knowledge Base:

FAQ - Xfinity on Campus TV with Roku

Using a Roku Device with the Xfinity on Campus Service

For general information about the app and compatible Roku devices, see Comcast's XFINITY Stream Beta App on Roku FAQ.

If you have questions about the XFINITY on Campus service, please send an email to the IS&T Service Desk at or call (617) 253-1101. You can also send a request online.

Trash Disposal, Recycling, Composting, & Donations

Please visit the MIT Department fo Facilities' website to learn more about disposal of useful items that you don't want anymore.

Food Waste

Food waste can be taken to the compost bins located on each floor in the trash receptacle area by the elevator. Please place food waste in composting bins (available in each apartment) to avoid attracting insects and rodents. DO NOT place any plastic bags or other non-compostable material in the composting bins.

Recycling and Trash

There is a room on each floor of the building which contains garbage receptacles. The rooms are accessible from the stairwell.  Place trash in plastic bags and leave the bags in the barrels provided.

Recycling bins are also located in the trash rooms. The recycling bins are clearly marked. Please do not place trash in the recycling bins.  MIT has streamlined recycling which mean all recyclable materials can be placed in the same container/bag.  There is no need to separate paper, plastic, glass, etc.  For more information about recycling, please visit the MIT Department of Facilities' website

Parking, Bicycles & Transportation 


Residents of Site 4 may purchase a parking permit through the MIT Parking & Transportation Office. Temporary parking permits are available for guests/visitors during the year.  Please see below for information regarding the on-site garage located at Site 4.

Hayward Garage:

For access to park in the Hayward Garage, residents must be assigned through the MIT Parking system. The number of spaces allocated to MIT in the garage is limited.

Hayward Garage is a shared-use garage, and MIT does not manage its operation. Unlike other MIT parking lots, the Hayward Garage is not open to all MIT parkers after 2:30pm on week-days or on weekends. Additionally, Hayward Garage is not participating in the “all-lots” program that provides free all-lots parking to MIT ID holders. 

Residents who have not been assigned to the Hayward Garage will pay the public parking fee if they park there (up to $43/day). These fees are charged by the garage operator, and cannot be refunded by MIT.


A caged bicycle storage area on the P1 Level of the Hayward Garage is available via tap card access to Site 4 residents who register their bicycle with MIT Parking & Transportation.  MIT is not responsible for loss of/damage to bicycles stored within bicycle storage areas.

Please note: There is no pedestrian walkway or bikeway at the Hayward Garage ramp. For safety reasons, pedestrians and bicycles are not permitted on the ramp. All bicycles will need to come down the Hayward Garage elevator to the P1 level to enter the caged bicycle area.

Residents can also register your bike with MIT Police so that in the event that something happens to it, the police will already have the necessary information. It is recommended that you use a U-lock to secure your bike.



  • The MBTA is Boston’s subway, bus, and commuter rail provider.  For information about routes and schedules call 1-800-392-6100 or visit their comprehensive website.  MIT students can obtain subsidized passes from MIT Parking & Transportation.  

MIT Shuttles

  • MIT provides a number of free shuttles on campus and in the Boston/Cambridge area.  The Tech Shuttle is the closest stop to Westgate.  For information regarding shuttle routes, schedules, etc, please visit:


  • SafeRide is one of the free MIT shuttles available to members of the MIT community.  These buses operate from 6:00 pm to 12:00 am. The SafeRide service is a great way to ensure a safe journey home from a late night out. Call (617) 253-2997 for more information or visit the website.


  • Zipcar is a car share program that allows you to reserve a vehicle for an hour or a couple of days at a cost often less than that of a rental.  There are pick-up locations around MIT. One is located in the Eastgate Parking Lot. MIT community members receive a discount.  There is an annual fee in addition to the hourly/daily rate.   For information about the program, visit their website.

Helpful Resources & Contacts

Food Resources

A full listing of food resources is available on the Division of Student Life website.  MIT wants to ensure that no student is struggling with food security, and we have established several resources that can help you easily access food. If you are struggling at all with accessing food, graduate students should contact GradSupport or Graduate Residential Life.  All students can also reach out to the Accessing Resources MIT (ARM) Coalition whose mission is to alleviate financial hardship by connecting students to campus resources.

MIT also provides a free Grocery Shuttle. The shuttle stops at Costco, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Target. For more information, including days and hours of service, please visit the MIT Parking & Transportation website

Please find food delivery services and nearby grocery locations listed below.  Many markets offer order-ahead and delivery services so please visit their websites to learn more. 

  • Daily Table
    • 684 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA | (617) 945-1924
  • Trader Joe’s 
    • 748 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA | Tel. (617) 491-8582
  • Whole Foods 
    • 340 River Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 | Tel. (617) 876-6990
    • 115 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA 02139 | Tel. (617) 492-0070
    • 181 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02114 | (617) 723-0004
  • Market Basket                                   
    • 400 Somerville Avenue, Somerville, MA | Tel. (617) 666-2420
  • Shaw’s
    • 14 McGrath Highway, Somerville, MA 02143 | Tel. (617) 625-4070
    • 370 Western Avenue, Boston, MA 02135 | Tel. (617) 787-5266
  • BJ's Club (wholesale quantities, membership required)                                   
    • 278 Middlesex Avenue, Medford, MA | Tel. (781) 396-0235 or (800) BJS-CLUB
  • Costco                                            
    • 2 Mystic View Road, Everett, MA  02149 | Tel. (617) 544-4806

Child Care Information

Health & Dental Insurance

**Please note that health insurance is required for all residents of Massachusetts.  Dental insurance is considered separate from health insurance and is thus not required in order to fulfill the health insurance requirement of Massachusetts.**

MIT Student Health Insurance

All MIT students are automatically enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan.  Students are able to include their dependents or choose a different provider; however, if you do not wish to stay enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Insurance Plan you will need to complete a waiver.  For those selecting to remain with the MIT Insurance, your medical services are provided by MIT Medical, located on the east end of campus.  MIT Medical includes pediatrics, OB/GYN, Mental Health, general practitioners, and an on-site pharmacy.  For more information regarding the MIT Student Health Plan, including how to enroll or to fill out a waiver, go to this website

Graduate Student Dental Insurance

Graduate students and families are eligible to enroll in the MIT dental program.  Students must enroll during a two-week period at the beginning of fall semester.  Details on how and when to enroll as well as other information can be found online.


MassHealth is an insurance program for middle to low income residents of Massachusetts.  In other states, similar programs are called Medicaid or CHIP.  For more information, visit the Commonwealth's website to learn more about  MassHealth.  MassHealth offers both health insurance and dental insurance plans.

Helpful Contact Information 

    • Tel. (617) 253-1212 (MIT Police, Fire, Ambulance, First Aid)
    • You can also dial x100 from a campus phone
    • Or Dial 911
  • Campus Police (non-emergency)                   
    • Tel. (617) 253-2996
  • Locked out/Maintenance Emergency  
    • Tel. (617) 253-1500
    • Or Dial Tel. (617) 253-4948
  • MIT Medical
    • COVID-19 Hotline Tel. (617) 253-4865
    • Urgent Care Tel. (617) 253-1311
    • Mental Health Tel. (617) 253-2916
  • MIT Violence Prevention & Response
    • Tel. (617) 253-2300
  • MIT Work, Family, & Personal Life  
    • Tel. (617) 253-1592
  • MIT’s Spouses & Partners                        
    • Tel. (617) 253-1614
  • SafeRide Bus (6:00 pm to 12:00 am)
    • Tel. (617) 253-2997