SHARP Self-Assessment

The content below was developed by student members on the SHARP Advisory Group.

There are many things to consider before applying for SHARP for on-campus housing. This self-assessment will help you reflect on your situation and make an informed decision. This check-in is for your eyes only, and is solely meant to serve as a framework for your decision and to connect you to resources.


The shift to online learning may be challenging. However, some challenges extend beyond those most of us are facing during the pandemic. The questions below are intended to help you identify and reflect on these challenges.

  • Reflecting on the spring semester, was it significantly more difficult for you to get work done because of your environment?
    • Since March, have you had to take on additional responsibilities related to your living situation off-campus (e.g., taking care of others, working a part-time/full-time job) that were detrimental to your learning experience?
    • In your current living environment, has a lack of access to appropriate study spaces and educational resources (including reliable Internet service) been a significant barrier to your academic progress?
    • Have you explored the academic resources that are offered for students to learn remotely including assistance with WiFi and other technology needs?
  • Does your living environment feel unsafe to you?
  • Has a lack of support from people in your living environment significantly impacted your ability to be academically productive?
  • Considering how different campus life will be in the fall, do you believe that living on campus would significantly improve your quality of life and ability to learn?

Additional Information and Resources

While considering factors that will influence your decision to make a SHARP request, please review the following materials and these detailed SHARP FAQs.

Campus Life Information

Here is a video published by UA COVID-19 that provides some valuable insight into what life on campus has looked like this summer.

Student Resource Information

  • Ensuring that you have sufficient support resources while living off campus can be frustrating. Please follow these links to see what will be available to off-campus students this fall:
  • Student Mental Health & Counseling Services (SMHCS)
    • SMHCS is working remotely and any student who is experiencing distress is encouraged to call 617-253-2916. SMHCS is available Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM. SMHCS is here for any mental health related inquiries or urgent concerns, can connect you with one of their providers, or can help match you with a local mental health professional. As always, clinicians are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day.

      Visit the SMHCS website to see more resources including podcasts, videos, and links for online groups available to MIT students in need of extra support.

Additional Questions

If you have any remaining questions or concerns surrounding SHARP or feel unsure about submitting a request, there are multiple avenues available for consultation:

  • Peer Consultations are being hosted by a group of trained students who were directly involved in developing SHARP. Students can request a one-on-one, private Zoom conversation with Peer Consultants.
  • If you would prefer to consult with a student support staff member on the SHARP team, you can email (to help expedite getting you a response, please email from your email address).
  • Students are not required to contact any of the resources above. Doing so does not impact the outcome of your request.

We hope this self-assessment has helped you reflect on your needs for fall 2020.

Please remember that on-campus housing for students with urgent needs is limited. We ask that you apply only if you truly need help urgently.

No matter what you decide about applying for SHARP, we understand that you may still be experiencing hardship. Please visit this page to find resources that may be helpful for you to stay well now and throughout the semester.