SHARP Peer Consultants

The content below was developed by student members on the SHARP Advisory Group.

We are a group of students who worked closely with DSL staff to develop the Student Housing Assistance Review Process. We are available to serve as a resource for any students who have questions about the process. Students can contact us by emailing You can also learn more about us below.

Meet the Peer Consultants

Isaac Broussard

Year: 1
Course: 18 + 16
Hometown: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Campus Involvement: UA COVID-19, UA Education, UA CommServ, MIT Rocket Team, SEDS, MIXED, BSU, The Standard, and CC
About: Passionate about supporting underrepresented communities

Martin Chan

Year: 2
Course: 6-3
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Campus Involvement: FLI@MIT Financial Awareness and Support Committee Co-Chair; SFS Communications Advisory Board; East Campus Hall Chair and Historian; UA
About: I'm interested in increasing support for FLI students at MIT, promoting student governance and collaboration in Institute decision-making, and improving equity across the MIT community.

Hannah Collins

Year: 3
Course: 6-7
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA
Campus involvement: UA COVID-19 Student Support Lead, MIT Pleasure Exec, Women’s Varsity Volleyball
About: Dedicated to normalizing help seeking and sleeping in on Saturdays

Andie Maloney

Year: 4
Course: 2, minor in Comparative Media Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Campus Involvement: UA Student Support and Wellness Committee Chair, Student Wellness Advisory Group, Title IX Student Advisory Committee, SMIR
About: Passionate about resource accessibility and foundational wellbeing

Tatum Wilhelm

Year: 2
Course: 10-ENG, minor in Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Campus Involvement: First Generation Program, Questbridge, Class Awareness Support and Equality, Women’s Lightweight Rowing, UROP, MIT Undergraduate Research Journal
About: Committed to help make resources available and accessible to all peers