Student Housing Assistance Review Process

SHARP is no longer accepting submissions. If you're a student who's experiencing significant hardship and can't live at home, contact Student Support Services at and a dean will be in touch with you. If you have an existing relationship with a dean in S3, you may also contact them directly.

The Student Housing Assistance Review Process (SHARP) is intended to help students request on-campus housing after November 22, 2020, the last date for regularly-scheduled housing for the Fall 2020 semester, through the spring semester. Specifically, SHARP is designed to help two groups of students:

  • First years, sophomores, and juniors who have already been approved for on-campus housing through SHARP Fall 2020 and need to continue to remain in on-campus housing after November 22, 2020
  • Current seniors who live on campus who wish to request on-campus housing after November 22, 2020

Undergraduate students who are currently living off campus and feel that their living situations have changed should contact Student Support Services if they need to request on-campus housing. These requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis while considering the same criteria below.

For seniors who are currently living on campus, the intent of this process is to assist students who are in need, based on the criteria below. SHARP is not intended for students who simply want to remain on campus.

If you are considering submitting a request for housing assistance, please thoroughly review the resources on this page and consider seriously whether your situation meets these criteria. Decisions about housing assistance will be aligned with public health guidance and the criteria that guide this process. If your situation does not meet the criteria, we ask that you refrain from applying.

Overview and Process

SHARP is coordinated by a team from across the Chancellor’s Office (David Randall, Jag Patel, Jimmy Doan, and Kate McCarthy) and involves staff from the Division of Student Life (DSL) and the Office of the Vice Chancellor (OVC). They work in consultation with the Faculty Chairs of the Committee on Student Life and the Committee on Academic Performance. Student representatives from the UA, UA COVID Student Support Committee, and FLI were instrumental in developing the criteria and principles for this process and the resources to reduce worry and anxiety throughout the process.

SHARP will open on Monday, November 2 and remain open until Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 12:00 noon ET. All requests will be acknowledged and questions will be answered as quickly as possible. We ask that you check your email and respond promptly if a SHARP team member contacts you with any questions or to request more information. The SHARP team may also work with you to think about alternative options for your individual situation.

Only student support professionals on the SHARP team and those directly involved in managing the process will have access to the information you share. They will not share information with individuals outside of the review process. They may consult with appropriate offices (e.g., Disability and Access Services, Student Financial Services, International Students Office, Office of Minority Education, Student Support Services, Housing & Residential Services) to make sure their decisions are well informed.

We will try our best to send decisions out by Friday, November 6. Although we know students will want decisions quickly, you should not expect to hear a decision until after SHARP closes. (Please note that it is possible more complex cases may take longer to work through with the individual student seeking assistance). We encourage all students to use the resources described below while you await a decision.

Students whose applications are not approved will be able to appeal the decision if they choose. Appeals will be reviewed by the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, and Vice President and Dean for Student Life. Please keep in mind that space on campus is finite, and the number of appeals that can be granted is limited.

Eligibility Criteria

This is the eligibility criteria for students who cannot live at home.

  1. Students who cannot return home due to travel restrictions, circumstances in their home state/country, or circumstances of their home life
  2. Students who have home environments that significantly impair remote learning
  3. Students who have no other place to live or for whom being at home would be unsafe given the circumstances of their country or home life

Frequently Asked Questions (will be updated as needed)

Many of your questions might be answered in these spring 2021 FAQs.

This round of SHARP is designed to make sure that students who need housing through the end of the Spring 2021 semester have it. We will reach out to you later in the Spring semester about the summer housing process.

Yes. Whether you are planning to graduate in February 2021 or you do not plan to enroll in classes for the Spring, students who are currently on campus and do not have a safe home to return to will have MIT housing available to them between November 22, 2020 and the start of the Spring semester. If approved to stay in on-campus housing during this period, you will have to depart MIT housing two weeks prior to the start of the Spring 2021 semester.

The SHARP process that is open now is designed to help students who were previously approved to live on campus through SHARP or are current seniors and need to remain in on-campus housing this spring.

If you are currently living off campus, you should connect with a dean in Student Support Services to discuss your housing options. We recognize that housing situations can change at any time. Students always have the option of reaching out to an S3 dean to discuss their housing situation, including outside of the SHARP timeline.

Yes, if conditions change. For example, if an effective vaccine or treatment becomes widely available, we may welcome more students back to campus. Likewise, students may be asked to depart campus if there is a severe spike in cases.

Students must continue to adhere to current Covid-19 student policies and health monitoring requirements through Covid Pass, as well as all housing and Mind and Hand Book policies. Students should be prepared to move to a new housing assignment after November 22, 2020 and should also expect that the Covid-19 policies and expectations designed to keep MIT and neighboring community members safe could change — they may become more or less restrictive depending on the trajectory of the pandemic.

You can start by contacting a SHARP Peer Consultant. If you would rather talk with a staff member on the SHARP team, you can email (to help expedite getting you a response, please email from your email address).

Students who stay in on-campus housing after November 22, 2020 will be responsible for the cost of housing and dining through the remainder of the fall semester, December 18, 2020. The remainder of the housing and dining costs (approximately one quarter of the semester’s total cost of housing and dining) will be added to your bill, which was initially prorated for housing from September to November. For students who receive financial aid, the cost of attendance for housing and dining has been calculated for the entire semester (up to December 18, 2020), and you already received your full housing and dining allowance. Students will not be responsible for any housing or dining costs between December 18, 2020 and the start of the Spring 2021 semester. Dining will be providing daily meal service throughout the winter break at no additional cost.

For more information and other helpful FAQs about financial aid, visit Student Financial Services' COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions.

We encourage you to read the guidance around holiday gatherings and travel from MIT Medical. You should also be familiar with MIT travel policies, including having to register travel as someone who has regular access to campus.

Anyone who feels they are eligible can request housing assistance through SHARP, regardless of their previous housing status.

Any information shared in the SHARP form can only be accessed by a small number of student life professionals and those directly involved in managing the process. If you are still uncomfortable sharing any information through this request form, you can email and a staff member on the SHARP team will respond to you. To help expedite getting you a response, please email from your email address.

As we are seeing in the news, COVID cases are on the rise in many areas around the state, country, and world. Because of this, we are not able to prioritize students from these areas to remain on campus.

Absolutely! You can find a comprehensive list of student support resources here. If you have concerns about finding a medical doctor or mental health clinician where you live, please contact MIT Medical who can assist with making referrals.