Resources for Student Organizations

Resources for Student Organization Advisors

Faculty and staff who choose to be organization advisors become part of students’ lives in a transformative way. As a resource for the whole group – and especially the group leaders – the advisor has a front-row seat for experiences that fast-track student development. Watching and listening, being available to assist when asked, acting as a sounding board, consultant, mentor, and enthusiast: the role of an advisor can be fascinating and important.

Resources for Student Organization Leaders

Being a student group leader is very challenging – and very worthwhile – because it’s an intensive experience that requires working through others. If you end up doing everything yourself, you’re not leading. As a leader, your job isn’t to get everything done: it’s to motivate everyone in the group to get everything done in a positive and team-spirited way.

The resources in this tab are designed to help you navigate the role of student group leader and maximize the impact of your student organization.