Excused Absences (OX)

A student may be excused from a scheduled final examination or coursework during the last two weeks of the semester if they were progressing satisfactorily and has verifiable medical or personal issues. Undergraduates are expected to initiate the request for an Excused Absence by contacting the course professor and meeting with an S3 dean. In extraordinary circumstances (e.g., serious medical or personal emergency), a dean in S3 will initiate the conversation about an OX with a professor. Faculty assign the grade of O to denote the absence, and deans in S3 excuse the absence by assigning the grade of X. Please visit the Registrar's website for official definitions of O and OX.

It is the student's responsibility to negotiate with faculty what needs to be accomplished to resolve the OX and receive a grade. This may involve scheduling a make-up final exam or finishing other assignments as determined by the instructor. Upon completion of a subject for which an OX was assigned, the final grade will replace the OX on the transcript. An O must be converted to an OX before the grade can be assigned. An O without an X counts in the student's GPA as an F.

Should a student fail to complete a subject with an OX, the OX will remain on the record. A grade of OX is not included in the GPA. If a student receives an OX in a subject they have designated as Exploratory, the student may change the subject from credit to Listener status through their next Registration Day (Fall or Spring) after the final grade is posted.

Graduate students should speak with staff in the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education regarding excused absences.