Food Resources

It doesn’t matter who you are; not being able to access enough food to sustain an active healthy life is an issue that students can face. There are resources at MIT to assist students.

Undergraduate students who wish to receive donated meal swipes should talk to a Dean in the Student Support Services Office or complete the Meal Request Form.
Graduate students who wish to receive donated meal swipes should fill out the Graduate Student Food Resources form on Engage.


Undergraduate students who complete the Meal Request Form are able to receive meal swipes in order to access the MIT Dining Halls. Meal swipes will be added onto your MIT ID card. In the event that a student is unable to use swipes from the SwipeShare program or has requested the maximum number of meals for the semester, please be in touch with Student Support Services to learn about additional resources.

How Does it Work?

SwipeShare is a meal swipe equivalence that has been added onto your MIT ID card. You can enter any of the six dining hall locations during dining hours. They are:

  • Baker House
  • Maseeh Hall
  • McCormick Hall
  • New Vassar
  • Next House
  • Simmons Hall

When you arrive, swipe your ID card at the desk. A meal will be taken off of your card and you can go in and enjoy the different buffet lines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take out a green box on SwipeShare?

No unfortunately not, but you can take a piece of fruit and an ice cream to go.

Can I use a swipe in a retail location?

For now, swipes can only be used in the dining halls.

Donate Meals

Students on a meal plan can support SwipeShare by donating swipes online. Click here to get started.

After logging in with certificates, select the number of meals you want to share, then click Submit. You will be asked to confirm the number of meals you want to donate. Note: if you have an 'Any' meal plan you can donate up to 6 'Guest Meals' per semester. If you have a Block meal plan, you may donate up to 6 of your regular meal swipes,