Transition Fund

Transition Funds are available for expenses up to $1000. The following are examples of some transition costs that can be subsidized with this fund:

  • Food and housing expenses, such as the initial deposit for an apartment
  • Travel costs related to taking leave from the Institute
  • Initial enrollment costs in classes taken at other institutions, such as registration fees
  • Co-payments for necessary mental health or medical appointments
  • Cost of travel to medical appointments

Funds are available in the following amounts:






You will be asked to complete the Transition Fund Request form describing your necessary expenses and financial need. You will be expected to discuss, either in person or by phone, your request with your S3 dean. Students will be expected to provide receipts or confirmation of their expenditures. Students are eligible to utilize this fund one time during their time away from MIT, for up to two years from the date of their leave.

Transition Fund Request

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Please remember to schedule either a phone or in-person appointment with your S3 Dean to discuss your request. To schedule an appointment, please call 617-253-4861.
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