For students on leave or thinking about taking a leave

Transition Fund

If you are taking time away from the Institute and lack the resources to cover imperative costs during the initial transition, Student Support Services (S3) can offer limited funds to assist you. S3 provides these funds to help better position you for a successful return to MIT. In cases of financial need, and without the option of alternative resources, you can request support from the Transition Fund when taking a leave from MIT.



The deans in S3 are the primary staff contact for students on leave or thinking about taking a leave.  No matter what kind of leave you are taking, they will work with you on coming up with a plan that will help you meet your goals and facilitate a smooth return process when you are ready.

You are encouraged to stay in contact with your dean to keep them updated with how your leave is going.  If your plans change it is important to talk with your dean to get advice about updating your plans and expectations for return.  

Meet the S3 Deans!


Department Administrators and Advisors

If taking classes is part of your plan or expectations while on leave, you should consult with your advisor or the undergraduate administrator of your department.  They may be able to provide some guidance on selecting classes, or other activities that will help you make the best use of your time away.  Since your department will be consulted during the return process, it is good to keep your contacts there updated with your plans and activities. 

If you are considering changing majors, you should contact the undergraduate administrator of the department to which you are switching to discuss your plans.


Student Experiences While on Leave

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Transfer Credit

If you will be taking classes elsewhere while on leave and are interested in earning transfer credit, you should follow the transfer credit procedures here:

You should reach out to the transfer credit examiners from the appropriate academic departments to help you determine a particular course might be eligible for transfer credit. Here is a list of the Transfer Credit Examiners:



Depending on the length of your leave, you may receive notification that your Kerberos is being deactivated. If this does occur, please write to We can sponsor an affiliate account for you while you are on leave.


Community Involvement While on Leave

As a general matter, MIT students on leave may participate in MIT activities that are open to the public. Please note there are certain resources at the Institute that are available only to registered students.  These include living in MIT-owned or affiliated housing (including FSILGs), attending classes, participating in the UROP program, accessing Athena and MIT licensed software, and using an MIT ID Card. 


Access to electronic journals and databases offered through the MIT Libraries (e.g. JSTOR, Science Magazine)

When you are on leave, you can access the web-based electronic journals and databases offered through the MIT Libraries (listed at for your individual, noncommercial use by using your MIT Kerberos ID. 

There are two paths for access:

  • Use MIT’s VPN and go directly to the resource (or through for restricted resources), or:
  • Use the links at, and authenticate via any of the three options provided by Touchstone: certificates, userid and password, or Kerberos tickets

More information on connecting appears on the MIT Libraries website.

If you have a Kerberos ID but have problems with access, you can contact AskUs for assistance.

You can also use the resources by coming to the MIT Libraries on campus during normal operating hours (please note that access to 24/7 Study Spaces is not available to students on leave). While you will not be eligible to borrow books, CDs, etc., you may use these collections on site, as well Athena login machines --or any device you bring-- to access these resources.  To ensure full access to MIT resources, be sure to login to “MIT Secure” not “MIT Guest” with your device. 

If you have any questions about which resources are relevant for your interests or needs, you can contact AskUs for assistance, or refer to the subject specialists list and contact a librarian directly.