Requesting a Medical Leave

A Medical Leave is usually prompted when a student and their treaters feel that their mental or physical health is preventing them from participating in campus life, including academics.
Students may request a Medical Leave through the last day of classes of the semester. A student cannot register again at MIT until they have been approved to return. Any request made after the last day of classes will be processed for the next semester and will only be granted after review by the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP) at end-of-term meetings. A Required Academic Leave voted by the CAP will supersede a student's request for a Medical Leave. In determining when a student can return, MIT will make an individualized assessment of the student’s medical and academic situation. In general, most students who take Medical Leave remain away from MIT for at least one semester.

How to Request a Medical Leave

  1. Schedule an appointment with an S3 dean to discuss your plans.
    • All students must speak with one of the S3 Deans before taking a Medical Leave to understand the process and any implications of taking a leave. Your dean will work with you to outline expectations regarding your time away from MIT. When your leave is processed, you will receive an email outlining the expectations. You should have a full understanding of these expectations at the time of your leave.
  2. Settle any financial obligations you may have.
    • If you receive financial aid, you should be in touch with the Student Financial Aid (617-258-8600).
    • If you have received student loans, you are required to contact Loan Services for an Exit Interview before leaving MIT (617-253-3343).
    • Tuition for students requesting a Medical Leave will be prorated according to the Registrar's proration tables. Please see the official MIT policy on costs and tuition adjustments located in the MIT Bulletin.
    • Contact Student Financial Services (617-258-8600) to make sure no outstanding balance remains on your student account.
  3. Fill out the Housing Cancellation Form in your Housing Portal.
    • This will prompt Housing & Residential Services to cancel your room assignment once you have checked out of your building and update your billing.
    • Contact your house manager to make arrangements for your departure.
    • Students who take a leave from MIT are automatically ineligible for Institute approved housing. Students are expected to move out of MIT dorms/FSILGs in a timely fashion. There are other resources available to assist with departure if necessary.
  4. For questions about health insurance coverage contact the MIT Health Plans Office (617-253-4371).
    • Students enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Health Insurance Plan who are requesting a Medical Leave are eligible to continue coverage for up to two semesters and a summer following their leave. After that, a student may request approval for one additional semester of coverage. This request must be made in writing to the Student Health Plans Office. MIT may grant the extension to students who provide documentation showing that they are actively engaged in appropriate treatment and are likely to be able to return to satisfactory participation in campus life at the end of that additional semester. Coverage for family members, including a student's spouse, partner, and/or children, is not available to students on a Medical Leave. See the MIT Medical Leave and Return PolicyThis link opens in a new window for more information.
    • Students who are taking a Medical Leave and are already enrolled in the MIT Student Extended Health Insurance Plan should let their dean know whether they would like to continue coverage.
  5. Contact your advisor, academic department, and any one else you think should be notified of your plans (e.g., athletic coach, UROP Supervisor, GRT).
  6. International students should be in touch with the International Students Office (617-253-3795) regarding their visa status.
  7. When planning a return to MIT, please visit the Requesting Return section of this website and contact your S3 Dean.