Community Involvement While on Leave

Students on leave remain part of the MIT community.  They may stay in contact with (including visiting) individuals on campus, such as their advisors and other Faculty, staff of academic departments, S3 deans, housemasters, friends, and alumni.  As a general matter, MIT students on leave may participate in MIT activities that are open to the public.  Finally, MIT students on leave may continue to use their MIT email address for up to two years after leaving and, thereafter, can make a request to be sponsored for additional time by MIT faculty or staff.

However, certain resources at the Institute are available only to registered students.  Among the resources available only to registered students are living in MIT-owned or affiliated housing (including FSILGs), attending classes, participating in the UROP program, accessing Athena and MIT licensed software, and using an MIT ID Card.***

Finally, as a student on leave you are also expected to uphold MIT community standards as outlined in the Mind and Handbook.

If you have a question about access to the MIT campus and MIT resources while you are on leave, please contact your dean at S3.