Ray F

Ray Feller

Assistant Dean,
Student Support Services

Areas of Specialization & Professional Interests
Prior to coming to MIT, Ray spent ten years in Community Mental Health, where she worked with people from 4-88. She has worked with students in school settings, including the whole educational spectrum: elementary school, middle school, high school, and universities. She also worked as a professional pizza chef for seven years. Ray is particularly interested in empowering students to become successful self-advocates at MIT and, later, in “real life.”
Antioch University New England, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Lawrence University, BA in English and Psychology
Over 100 articles about the history of paper money in the International Bank Note Society Journal (1990-2008) and the MPCGram (2007-present), as well as the book Silent Witnesses: Civilian Camp Money of WWII (2007).
I grew up in a small town in Iowa. Although we did not have a farm, our house abutted one, so I woke up to the sounds of cows in the morning, and the view from my window was an expansive alfalfa field. Although I appreciated a lot of the Iowa charms (everyone smiles and waves at everyone else, there is no such thing as “traffic,” and the sweet corn really is excellent), I knew I wanted to move to a place with more energy, culture, diversity, public transportation, and better pizza. I chose Boston! 
When I found out MIT was offering me this position, I actually fell down, I was so excited. And, honestly, that was the right reaction--I am beyond lucky. At this point, I have met with over 1600 MIT students and talked about all kinds of things, from sad to happy and tough to empowering. I especially appreciate how much MIT students look out for one another and think of ways to help on both micro and macro scales. Plus, it is fun to hear about the rad kinds of projects people are working on! 

My not-work self is usually playing with my very goofy children, building with Legos (with or without the kids), watching trains (with the kids), reading (with or without the kids), and walking all around BostonR2D2 is my favorite Star Wars character, giraffes are my favorite animal, and I continue to feel very strongly about pizza.

Email: rfeller@mit.edu
Phone: 617-253-4861