Gerardo Garcia-Rios


Assistant Dean,
Student Support Services

Areas of Specialization & Professional Interests
Gerardo began working at MIT in 2014. Prior to coming to MIT, he spent ten years at Brandeis University, where he was the Director of the Student Support Services Program.  Before he moved into higher education he did clinical work in the Boston area. He has worked in admissions and academic advising positions supporting students' academic, personal, and social success. At MIT he is passionate about building a community of support for DACA students.

Boston College, MSW in Clinical Social Work
Duquesne University, BA in Psychology and Philosophy

I grew up in a very small town in Jalisco, México, came to the United States in 1990 and have lived in Massachusetts since 1997. Before going into higher education in 2003 I worked in the Boston area as a clinical social worker with children and families. I always wanted to work with college students and eventually started working in admissions at a local college. I came to MIT in 2014 and later became the Associate Dean and Co-Director of S3.

I have been at MIT for 6 years. One of the main reasons that I came to MIT was to provide direct support to undergraduate students. I find that MIT students are extremely engaged in their MIT college life and they are passionate about solving the world’s issues. It has been a humbling and learning experience to be working with them.

On a personal note, I speak two languages, Spanish and English, studied French in Canada while being abroad, and have traveled to Italy where I have learned Italian as well. I am one of 9 siblings and I am the first one to attend college. I love sports particularly fútbol, played it since I was a kid and also did track and field. While at MIT I tried my best to follow as many of our varsity and intramural sports.

If you are still reading this short bio, I have to tell you that students at MIT have taught me that I it is not a bad thing if you do not get involved in many things, it is ok! It is also ok to get involved in things that you are passionate and care about. They have also taught me they are resilient, care for each other and are stubborn, in a good way!

Phone: 617-253-4861