Our Staff

Our Staff

Staff Members

James Collins Associate Dean, Co-Director jmcollin@mit.edu

Ray Feller Associate Dean, Co-Director rfeller@mit.edu

Don Camelio Assistant Dean dcamelio@mit.edu

Gerardo Garcia-Rios Assistant Dean ggrios@mit.edu

Justin Kasarsky Assistant Dean kasarsky@mit.edu

Meghan Kirsch Assistant Dean mkirsch@mit.edu

Miri Skolnik Assistant Dean mskolnik@mit.edu

Abeer Dhanani Program Coordinator, Drop-In Team adhanani@mit.edu

Joe Horan Program Coordinator, S3 and CARE Team jchoran@mit.edu

Marty Checchi Program Coordinator for Leaves, Returns, and Special Initiatives mchecchi@mit.edu

Michela Thomsen Graduate Intern mnt16@mit.edu

Emma Joseph Graduate Intern emmaj127@mit.edu

Charlynne Crutcher Administrative Assistant II charl927@mit.edu


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