Daryush Mehta

Zoroastrian Chaplain

Daryush MehtaDaryush Mehta is the Zoroastrian chaplain at Harvard and MIT, an active member of the Zoroastrian Association of the Greater Boston Area (ZAGBA), and a research scientist at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in the field of voice and speech disorders. Daryush arrived to MIT for graduate school and became involved in ZAGBA, helping co-found the Zoroastrian Students of Boston (ZSB) that brought together students and youth from around the area to perform service activities, engage in religious dialog, and host eminent Zoroastrian leaders and scholars.

Daryush is honored to continue the good work of Dr. Cyrus Mehta who diligently represented the Zoroastrian community as MIT Chaplain for 15 years. Although not a minister by training, Daryush's maternal grandfather, Dasturji N. D. Minochehr-Homji, was a High Priest of the Zoroastrian community in Bombay and an eminent religious scholar. His grandfather’s teachings, kindness, and philosophy of dialog and inclusion are imbibed within Daryush. Along with Dr. Mehta, Daryush helps organize a Gatha Study Group that meets regularly at Harvard to discuss the Gathic scripture (holy songs) of the prophet Zarathushtra.

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