Residence Hall Atlas Event Registration

A committee, charged by the Senior Associate Dean for Residential Education, completed a wholesale review of the event rregistration process currently utilized within the undergraduate and graduate residential communities. The group, comprised of undergraduate and graduate student representatives, a wide array of DSL staff members, Heads of House and MIT PD, spent the better part of two years engaging in analysis and discussion. As part of this review process, the committee was charged with completing the following:

  • Benchmark policies and practices from peer institutions, especially those with a house system or within Cambridge (e.g. Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Lesley)
  • Examine the registration process as it applies to large-scale events and if it can adapted for smaller events that do not require the same level of planning
  • Define what types of events need to be registered
  • Review the process as it pertains to undergraduate events and graduate student events
  • Review the approval process for event registration
  • Clarify parameters related to events (e.g. room capacity, number of guests—total or in/out of event)
  • Confirm the criteria for police details at events
  • Review and clarify communication practices related to the event registration process (e.g. website, FAQs).

The committee finalized their work and the following content was produced to guide a process that enhances the ability of our community to hold well-organized, safe and fun events for all members of the MIT residential community.
The content, accessible through the navigation on the right, includes:

  • An updated Atlas registration form that is responsive to various aspects of event risk
  • A tier system that guides all processes related to event registration with and without alcohol in all on-campus undergraduate and graduate residences
  • Process related content that is built into the new online registration form that ensures that those who register events are fully apprised of the requirements and responsibilities of hosting