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Graduate Housing Referral Program


About the Referral Program


We’re rewarding current residents of MIT graduate housing with a $250 rental credit for each resident they refer to live in MIT graduate housing, subject to the terms and conditions listed below. The best part is that there’s no limit to how many credits a referrer can earn! 

And guess what? Your friends and classmates will be rewarded for joining the MIT graduate housing community. They’ll also earn a $250 credit toward their rent obligation.

Get started today by sharing information about MIT grad housing with friends and classmates who may be interested in on-campus housing for the 2022-2023 academic year. See below for some helpful materials to help spread the word! 

This referral program does not apply to undergraduate residents of graduate housing or any sublicensing arrangements by graduate residents for their own housing assignments. 


The following terms and conditions apply, and must also be met, for BOTH the “referrer” and the “referee” to be eligible for the rental credits:

  • The referrer must:
    • be a current resident of MIT housing who has signed a 2022-2023 MIT graduate or visitor housing license agreement at the time of the referral; 
    • occupy their graduate housing assignment at the time the rent credit is applied (no sooner than three months after the referee's occupancy);
    • comply with all the terms of their housing license agreement through the end of the minimum eligibility stay required; AND
    • submit a Referral Form (for each referral) before the referral process concludes on August 31, 2022.
  • The referee must:
    • be eligible to live in graduate housing, including:
      • full-time, degree-seeking MIT graduate student who is eligible to register for courses during Fall 2022; OR
      • an approved visitor at the Institute, including cross-registered students, researchers, and post-docs;
    • an incoming resident who participates in the Fall 2022 Self-Selection housing process 
    • enter the name and Kerberos ID of their referrer when completing the Self-Selection housing process (the application within the Housing Portal will ask about a referral)
    • sign a 2022-2023 graduate housing license agreement at the time of the referral;
    • occupy their graduate housing assignment for a minimum of three consecutive months; AND
    • comply with all the terms of their housing license agreement through the end of the minimum eligibility stay required  

Both the referrer and the referee will be awarded a $250 credit toward their MIT graduate housing rent within 30 days after all conditions listed above are met.


Referral form submissions will be accepted from May 2, 2022 through August 31, 2022. 

  • Referees will submit their referral information within the Housing Portal while completing the Self-Selection process.
  • Referrers will submit this webform for each referral.  
  1. If I'm referring others to graduate housing, is there a limit to how many credits I can earn?

     No. You will receive a $250 credit toward your rent in MIT graduate housing for each successful referral according to the conditions outlined on this webpage. If you earn more than your rent obligation when the credit is applied, the remaining credit balance will carry over to the next month.
  2. When can I expect the rent credit will be applied?

     If all conditions are met, credits will appear on students' housing bills after the three-month residency requirement for referred residents. With most 2022-2023 license agreements starting on August 1, 2022, the earliest most credits would appear is November 2022.  Residents who move onto campus earlier may have an earlier credit date. 
  3. If I've been referred to graduate housing, when does the three-month residency requirement begin?

     The residency requirement will begin on your assigned occupancy date (when rent charges begin).  This date will appear on your housing license agreement and within additional notices sent to you by Housing & Residential Services.        
  4. How will I know that I've qualified for the credit?

    Staff from Housing & Residential Services will review submissions and will notify referrers and referees to confirm successful submission.  As noted above, the rent credit(s) will be applied once all conditions are met. You are welcome to reach out to the HRS team with any questions.
  5. Can multiple referrers receive a credit for referring the same individual?

    No. Only one referrer will receive the credit. If multiple referrers submit the same referee information within their referral form, the credit will be applied to the name of the referrer included in the referee's form. 

Helpful Materials to Help Spread the Word


Please review the helpful information and FAQs on this webpage. If you have any additional questions, please visit our Contact Page to learn about additional ways to connect with our team, including virtual drop-in office hours.