PKG Spring Break

PKG Spring

PKG Spring Break

Explore social issues in context • Have fun working together as a group • Connect with local efforts to better their communities

If you’re like many of your MIT classmates, a typical college spring break getaway feels like a missed opportunity. You want a change of pace but also a change of perspective. The alternative? Join a weeklong PKG Spring Break project that tests the knowledge and skills you’ve been working so hard to build.

    Current Projects

    PKG Spring Break: Climate Change, New England

    Spend Spring Break exploring the work that local organizations do to address climate change in New England. Hike through the woods to an observatory gathering local meteorological data, travel via boat to visit the Boston Harbor Islands and assess the impacts of erosion and changing sea temperature, and join your peers in a simulation that tackles humanitarian response to climate disaster. Then, share your experience and scientific message with the broader community via a customized communications project. Meet effective local organizations making a difference in our own backyard!

    PKG Spring Break: Environmental Sustainability and Community Development, Camden, NJ

    Spend the week volunteering across a variety of nonprofits in Camden, NJ and see how local organizations use sustainability and environmental stewardship as a means of mobilizing and invigorating community. Learn from local community members and volunteer at a series of urban farms, local soup kitchens, and schools. Your group will also implement a specifically assigned project identified by our partners. Last year students designed and constructed compost bins for a local community garden.

    Recent PKG Spring Break Projects

    • Supporting local organizations in sustainable agriculture and community development at the Center for Environmental Transformation in Camden, New Jersey.
    • Collaborating with The Boston Home in Dorchester to support the wheel chair recycling program via construction projects to support clients with Multiple Sclerosis and other progressive neurological diseases, and participate in social activities with clients.
    • Partnering with Boston Care’s Youth Service Works to provide mentoring and student support to help local high school students with their efforts to address barriers to youth education and economic opportunity.

    Our Goals

    PKG Spring Break matches teams of MIT students with community organizations where students learn firsthand about complex social issues impacting communities and the work that is being done to address those challenges. Teams consist of undergraduate and graduate students, and typically include 8-15 people. Student leaders facilitate this experience for their assigned cohort, and utilize the support of staff mentors to create a fun, community-embedded, and thought-provoking experience.

    • Practice mutually beneficial community partnerships
    • Provide spaces for students to learn from our partners about the realities faced in the communities with whom they collaborate
    • Develop skills and knowledge students can use for the betterment of humankind
    • Inspire reflection on the nature of service and social realities around us
    • Create opportunities in which needed, effective public service positively impacts communities

    Applications for PKG Spring Break 2018 will be posted over IAP 2018- Check back soon!

    How to Get Involved

    • Apply as an individual to join one of our spring teams. We’ll take care of the details, cover the cost of participation, and set up the community partnership.
    • We have limited funding available to support student group initiatives. Please contact by mid-November to inquire about receiving support for your group initiative over spring break. Resources might include, advice, community connections, brainstorming logistics, training workshops, and funding.

    Talk to us about Alternative PKG Spring Break

    Office: W20-549
    Phone: (617) 253-0742

    Events and deadlines

     Info sessions

    • Friday, February 9 at 1pm, Room 4-144 
    • Tuesday, February 13 at 7pm, Room 5-217
    • Wednesday February 21 at 7pm, in Room W20-549 (PKG Center)

    Application Deadline

    Sunday, February 25, 2018

    Apply to PKG Spring Break: Climate Change, New England

    Apply to PKG Spring Break: Environmental Sustainability, Camden, NJ

    PKG Spring Break Team Meetings

    All PKG Spring Break 2018 participants must attend 3 mandatory team meetings as a requirement of acceptance. The dates for these meetings will take place on Mondays, from March 5 – March 19, 2018 at 7 – 8:30 pm. All participants will also commit to attending our end of program reflection dinner to celebrate the culmination of projects on Monday, April 9 from 7-9.