What to Bring

In Your Room You Will Find:

  • extra long twin bed and mattress  (38" x 80")
  • bureau
  • closet
  • desk and chair
  • bookshelves
  • wastebasket

What You Should Bring*:

✔ bedding (sheets, blankets)
✔ bicycle lock (if you bring a bike)
✔ cell phone and computer
✔ clothes (keep in mind local weather - you may wish to pack a coat, gloves, scarf and appropriate shoes)
✔ desk supplies (paper, pens, desk lamp)
✔ dishes and silverware
✔ fan
✔ laundry basket and detergent
✔ message board for your door
✔ pillow and pillow cases
✔ radio or sound system
✔ rug 
✔ small refrigerator
✔ soap, shampoo, toiletries
✔ surge protector
✔ towels and wash cloths
✔ umbrella

Prohibited Items NOT Allowed in Student Rooms:

  • any cooking devices
    • microwaves (permitted in kitchen areas only)
    • coffee makers/Keurigs
    • hot plates
    • instapots or crockpots
    • toaster/toaster oven
  • candles or incense
  • Live Holiday/Christmas trees
  • open heating elements
  • halogen lamps
  • weapons of any kind, including guns and knives

*Many of the items you might want to bring can be purchased in gently used condition for <$10 from the MIT Trash2Treasure reuse sale, held on Registration Day. Visit http://ua-sustain.mit.edu for more information and to learn more about the UA Committee on Sustainability.