Sexual Misconduct

MIT is committed to providing a learning, living and working environment free from gender-based discrimination. Gender-based discrimination, including sexual misconduct (a term used to describe a range of behaviors including sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact/sexual assault, non-consensual sexual penetration/rape, and sexual exploitation), intimate partner violence, and stalking committed by MIT students, staff, or faculty will not be tolerated. This applies to academic, educational, athletic, residential, and other Institute operated programs.


If you experience sexual misconduct, MIT has a variety of resources available to assist you.These are described in detail on MIT's Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office and include Violence Prevention and Response which staffs a 24-hour crisis hotline. If you are accused of sexual misconduct, MIT also provides appropriate resources.

MIT Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office

violence prevention and response


Special Procedures for Sexual Misconduct Complaints

The Committee on Discipline (COD) is responsible for resolving complaints of sexual misconduct. OSCCS facilitates this process for COD. Due to the special nature of these cases, the COD has certain special procedures unique to the resolution of complaints alleging violation of MIT’s sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence, and stalking policies. These procedures supplement and modify the general COD procedures in handling complaints of student misconduct, intimate partner violence, and stalking. The process is described in detail in the Rules and Regulations of the COD.