Advisor and Mentor Programs

OSCCS Advisor Program


Logo for OSCCS Advisor Program.

OSCCS launched a new initative in Fall 2018 to recruit and train MIT community members to become volunteer advisors for students referred to the Committee on Discipline. Advisors attend a half-day training to learn about the COD process, how to support students, and how to deal with potential challenges and issues advisees may face throughout the process. The first three cohorts of OSCCS Advisors have now been trained and are ready to work with students in need!

Please reach out via if you are going through the process and would like to be connected to one of our OSCCS Advisors.  Students who request help from OSCCS with finding an advisor will be connected to a trained member of the program that is available to provide personal and logistical support throughout the process. For those interested in what the role of the advisor in the COD process looks like, more information can be found on our page on advisors. 

OSCCS Mentor Program


Logo for OSCCS Mentor Program.

In Winter 2020, OSCCS launched a new outreach program to recruit and train MIT community members to serve as mentors and support students who are required to complete a mentoring program as a part of their COD case resolution. OSCCS Mentors will attend a half-day training to learn about the COD process, OSCCS's mentoring program, how to best support MIT student participants, and how to troubleshoot issues that their student mentees may encounter.  Email if you are interested in joining us!