When do you feel like your true self? What practices, habits, and activities help you connect inward and outward? What helps you return to yourself during periods of stress?


LGBTQ+ Religious, Spiritual, & Ethical Life


The Office of Religious, Spiritual, & Ethical Life at MIT is committed to the wholeness and well-being of LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty on campus. The intersection of our embodiments of sexual/affectional orientation, gender identity, and our religious, spiritual, and ethical traditions, commitments, and practices is both exciting and complex. ORSEL is committed to providing LGBTQ+ students with opportunities to engage this intersection with a community that celebrates the gift of LGBTQ+ lives and seeks to cultivate the wholeness of LGBTQ+ people at the Institute. We do this through religious, spiritual, and ethical life programming that focuses on LGBTQ+ experience, partnering with other offices on campus serving LGBTQ+ students, and providing resources to connect LGBTQ+ students with supportive staff.

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